tuesday, may 5

Adali toiletpaper
sure i have cute pictures of adali from our trip thus far, but i figured this one best sums up how it's been going thus far.  
first off, we realized the second we got into the car at atlanta airport and typed in the address of our hotel in augusta that we had made a huge mistake.  we should have sucked it up, paid the extra money and flown straight into augusta. we had a 2 hour car ride in front of us.  thankfully adali didn't sleep a wink on the airplane…ok i guess if you count the time her eyes actually shut as the wheels touched down to the time it took us to taxi to the gate in atlanta she may have slept for 7 minutes, but that really shouldn't count.  before we were even out of the rental car parking lot she was sawing logs.  
we made the most of our first night here in augusta.  we took adali to the pool and quickly realized why there was nobody in it…it was freezing.  she, of course, loved every second of it.  after we let her burn off some of her energy, we decided to drive around a bit and see some of augusta.  this is the first time the tears welled up in my eyes.  everything became real.  all i can say is that augusta certainly isn't st. louis.  don't get me wrong, we have seen many stunningly, beautiful parts of augusta, but it's just not what i am used to.  we ended up finding a cute little place to eat dinner and chatted with a couple recently married about the area and good places to live.  i felt much better after talking to them.  after all, they grew up here and knew the lay of the land.  
yesterday ended up being a dreary, rainy day which i knew wasn't going to make things any easier, but i was excited and energized to see the amazing places in augusta the couple from the night before had told us about.  this is when the tears came for the second time.  i am going to have to respectfully disagree with the young couple about the niceness of the area they had steered us to.  again, it just wasn't st. lous.  after striking out early, we decided to drive around to some of the places we had appointments at later that day to see what areas they were in.  this is when we learned lesson #1; house hunting on the internet is much like internet dating, you can make your place look much "hotter" in pictures than it truly is in person.  appointments were quickly cancelled as we scrambled to find anything worth living in, which meant driving and driving and oh yeah…more driving.  adali was such a trooper during all of this.  if she wasn't sleeping she was busying herself by tearing up magazines and singing made up songs.  we have managed to find a few places that we would make work if we had to but we are heading back out in a few minutes to see if the perfect place is out there for us.  if you want to see how things are going throughout the day you can follow my updates on twitter by glancing over to the left side of the page.  the 3 most recent updates are always on the page but you can click on "follow me on twitter" to see them all.  please pray that there are no more tears today….dr. a would appreciate that prayer being answered more than anyone. 
much love,

mama a   

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  1. Sara T says:

    Good Luck today!!!

  2. Jayme says:

    Hang in there! Remember, it’s only temporary!

    I will be praying hard!

  3. Erin Geary says:

    Oh, Jamie! Hang in there! It is hard! When B and I came up to STL (twice!) to look for houses, I fell on “black ice,” cried the entire time, and threatened to call off our wedding. Like you said, it wasn’t what I was used to! While STL still isn’t what we WERE used to, we are very happy here and will miss it dearly when we move. As bleak as it seems now, you WILL find some sunny spots down the road, I promise! Hang in there!!

    The Gearys

  4. i’m sorry to hear that it’s not going as well as you’d hoped…hopefully today things will be better!

    i did laugh at the idea that the internet can make a house “hotter” than in real life – so, so true.

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