wednesday, may 6

most kids have cute little "woobies" that they hold on to when they need comfort; tattered blankets, stuffed animals, pieces of silk…ok, you get the picture.  but, adali's woobie right now happens to be a wet ones package.  when she sees it, she demands to hold it, often giving it kisses.  

Adali wet wipes
you can see it here tightly nestled in her little arms as she fell asleep on the plane the other day.  this is not staged, i promise.  one can only assume that she finds comfort in things that kill germs.  and if her wet ones package is not available she finds other things that give her comfort…
Adali sleeping
…like desetin, a few pacis and a card reader.  this was taken this morning in our hotel.  she woke up about an hour earlier than usual so i put her in bed with me while jastin was out taking care of a few things at his soon to be place of employment.  she insisted on pulling said items off of the nightstand and cuddling with them.  within minutes of hoarding her comfort items she was sound asleep.  
whatever works i guess.  

much love,

mama a  

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  1. Sara T says:

    Whatever works!!!
    Too Cute!!

  2. Tina says:

    I love this! Makes my heart melt

  3. Natalie Carver says:

    I was laughing so hard reading this post. I am glad my child is not the only “hoarder of unconventional lovies.” Landen’s very favorite item to fall asleep with is a tube of Orajel. But, he will also settle for a bottle of Tylenol, his toothbrush, the syringe that comes with Baby Motrin, or our satellite remote.
    Last night at 5 a.m., he woke up with teething pain and refused to go back to sleep so I brought him out into the living room where he promptly snatched up one of my husband’s brand new Mizuno irons (I believe it was the 9 iron) that my husband had left laying out. Landen fell asleep with it in his hot little hands while I rocked him in our recliner! I would say it’s probably a good 6 inches or a foot taller than he is, but he does not discriminate “woobies” based on size!!! Oh well, maybe he’ll be the next Tiger Woods.
    I’m glad you guys made it back safely from Georgia. Have a good week!
    Natalie Carver

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