thursday, june 23

 Door knocker

yep, we are in georgia.  yep, we have a horseshoe and spur door knocker.  yep, it's ok to be totally jealous.  

ahhhh, it feels so good to be reacquainted with cyber space.  i have felt very out of touch with reality the past fews days.  without internet i had no idea that there was a train collision in washington dc or that ed mcmahon passed away or that the governor of our neighboring state of south carolina was missing…sort of, or that jon and kate got a divorce…ok that last one was a lie.  i may not have had internet but i haven't been living under a rock.

i also have been without a phone since saturday.  you see, my dad called me to tell me that jastin's wasn't working but what he really meant to say is that he had dropped it in a glass of limeade less than 30 minutes into the drive here.  when i heard that my first thought was, mmmmm limeade sounds good right now.  my second thought was, wait…didn't i just get him that phone less than a month ago for our anniversary?  ugh.  without my phone i was twitterless.  if i would have had my phone, i would have sent tweets like:

** holy cow, that was scary…we almost ran out of gas while driving putting through nashville.

** made it to a gas station right outside of nashville.  having a picnic with my mom, adali and lexi under a shade tree.

On the run

** holy cow, it feels like 100 degrees outside…oh wait the car says it's 101 degrees.  my bad.

** holy cow, i think adali just ate an entire large container of french fries from wendy's.  yes!

Adali french fries


** holy cow, we just saw a family's vacation cut short when their truck and camper jack knifed in the median.  everyone seemed to be ok.

** holy cow, that was scary…jastin and my dad witnessed a scary crash with passenger ejections right in front of them.  jastin got out to assist until the paramedics came.  everyone seemed to be ok.

** holy cow, we just saw a 5 car pile up outside of atlanta…stuck in traffic.  

** holy cow, adali just had a blow out, it stinks and i'm lost.

** we successfully snuck lexi into the hotel.  i think adali wants to sleep with her in her bed tonight.

Adali lexi

** awesome!  we just showed up to the house and everything is already unpacked! 

** holy cow, jastin hooked up the tv's and we have cable.  nothing beats free tv!     

i think that pretty much covers the highlights.  for never seeing this place in person, i am over the moon about the house and the neighborhood.  the past few days have been very stressful ones to say the least but now it is time to concentrate on the adventures that are ahead…and the delicious peaches!

so, if you are ever in the south and need a place to stay, just give us a call.  your room is ready and waiting.

much love,

mama a

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  1. Sweeney says:

    Happy Housewarming…! glad you guys made it safely…the rest of world though, i’m not too sure about them. jeeze! lots of accidents on your trip down. so again, glad you guys made it safely!

    and i am TOTALLY jealous of your door knocker. GOD! where can i get me one of those? it would look so awesome on our loft door. MY neighbors would definitely be jealous.

    aaaaahhh (sigh) the south. i love the “liv’n” and i love the people. enjoy GA this next year!

    hey, we’ll be in Franklin, TN the weekend of August 1st…is that a do-able drive to your house in GA? maybe we could meet up? i dunno, just throwing it out there.


  2. glad you’re back to blogland! sounds like an adventure driving to your new home. and adali ate a large fry? awesome!

  3. Sara T says:

    Congrats on your new house!!
    Can’t wait to see pictures of it….. (please!?) ;-)
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of Adali in Lexi’s bed – makes me laugh out loud just looking at her laughing!

  4. Amber says:

    Adali is growing! She is so adorable! :)

  5. Sonya says:

    Wow – your adventure down there sounds CRAZY! Glad you all made it safe. Love the picture of Adali with her large fry!!

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