sunday, june 28

beep, beep, beep, beep…we need to back up to some very important events that took place pre-move.  the first being adali's pediatrician and bayley testing/nicu followup.

her pediatrician's appointment went as expected, however there was a bit of role reversal when it came to concerns over her weight.  i went to her appointment for the first time resigned to the fact that we weren't going to see huge numbers on the scale.  this way, i had prepared myself not to shed any tears over it.  

although dr. g did not shed tears, he did seem more concerned than before over her lack of poundage.  she still is way below the 1st percentile for weight but has increased to the 25 percentile for height.  to give you a sense of just how tiny she is,if you compensate for her prematurity and subtract 3 months from her age and then put her weight on the chart she is still less than 5%.  as i was certainly open to any advice dr. g had to offer to see if we could possibly get additional calories in her over the course of the day, i knew there was no prescription he could write to help us out.  the fact is we are doing everything we feel possible to get as many calories into her without making meal time miserable for her.  the latest tactics include adding olive oil to her food (makes me gag thinking about it), nutella (180 calories per 2 tablespoons…and so yummy) and carnation instant breakfast in the milk she receives with dinner and before bed.  she pretty much eats everything most parents cringe at when they think of feeding their children.  happy meals, bring it on.  buttermilk ice cream, no problem.  butter on your hot dog…yummy.  i had to draw the line yesterday when jastin suggested we just switch her from whole milk to straight buttermilk.  hello, i want her arteries to be able to pump some blood to her extremities.

everything else with her 15 month well check up went very well.  dr. g did some very quick preliminary testing for autism of which she shows absolutely no signs of.  she received her 15 month vaccinations, which she had absolutely no side effects from.  he also said he would consider her within the normal developmental range for a 15 month old, which is always music to our ears.  we knew we would get more detailed information regarding her development during her bayley testing the following week at cardinal glennon.  we were both very much looking forward to this appointment for many reasons.

Adali testing1      

 the first being the most obvious…we wanted to see exactly where adali stood in terms of her development.  the testing took about an hour.  the pediatric psychologist instructed us to sit in the room with her and adali but to only speak to let her know if adali did a particular activity at home that she was not doing at the time of the test.  i was very nervous to be watching the testing as it happened and not be able to say anything.  can you imagine sitting next to your kids in school as they took a test?  when adali did what she was instructed to do, jastin and i would look at each other and smile, "that's our daughter."  she did things we had no idea she could do and a few we knew she did at home but for whatever reason wasn't up for doing it for the psychologist.  some things she did even amazed the psychologist.  i remember her saying at one point, "this is pretty amazing."  that made my heart swell so big inside my chest that tears almost started rolling down my cheeks.  

we received the results later that day and were overjoyed with what they showed.  adali is average or above average developmentally for her actual age of 15 months.  the one thing the psychologist gave us to concentrate on is her fine motor skills.  we have been working with her on specific activities since then and can already see a marked improvement.  

after her testing we had a few hours to kill before her nicu followup so we decided to head to the nicu to say hi (and bye) to some very friendly faces.  the second we got off of the elevator the smell of the nicu hit me like a ton of bricks.  if we weren't visiting on such good terms, i would have had to turn around and leave.  it's amazing the feelings that rush back from such an innocent scent.    the person we really wanted to see was dr. sadiq.  i wanted to give him the biggest hug ever and thank him for everything he had done for us.  unfortunately, he was out of the country.  we did get to say hello to dr, al-hosni, the nurse manager and the lactation specialist, all of whom we were very close with during our stay there.

Adali testing3

they were all overjoyed at how well adali was doing and couldn't believe how far she had come considering just how tiny she was.  stories were told, pictures were taken and good byes were said.  as we walked out of the nicu doors, there were no tears like there had been so many times before.  this time i was walking out of the doors with my baby in my arms.  this time, only smiles.

finally, it was time for her nicu followup appointment.

Adali testing6  

this always means impromptu entertainment of a very inquisitive little girl who has no tolerance of doctors that take forever to see their patients, ahem.  this is what usually takes place:

Adali testing7 Adali testing8

there's me, trying to act important and jastin actually being important.  it was determined after a very long day, that adali is fit as a fiddle, has healthy ears and is ornery as ever (just like her daddy).

Adali testing5

so, just like we did on may, 3 2008 we wheeled adali out in her little red wagon.

Adali testing2

this time with much less anxiety.  it was a!

much love,

mama a

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  1. full circle moments are good, aren’t they? it’s cool that you got to go back to the nicu for a good visit.

    and way to go on the bayley, adali!

  2. Chrystal says:

    You’ve moved to the right area of the country for Adali’s calorie consumption. Go have dinner at Paula Deen’s!

    Congrats on passing all your tests Adali!

  3. Sweeney says:

    woot woot! strong work little smarty pants!! :)

    and don’t feel bad about being skinny. addi’s last appt she had shrunk from 90% in height to 25% and she’s still in the 10-20% for weight. doc wasn’t happy…but what you gonna do! you can’t force food down their throats, makes eating that much more difficult. adali and addi are both smart girls, so for right now the whole calories intake thing isn’t really having any effect on them developmentally, which is good!

    Chrystal’s right though…you got yourselves the queen of southern fried / high calorie food…Paula Deen! yum yum.


  4. Erin Geary says:

    I am in love with that wagon picture! So happy Adali is doing so well! We put butter on all Avery’s foods, too, but you are so right…can’t force them to gain weight! Frustrating. Anyway, super proud of all Adali (and y’alls) accomplishments!

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