wednesday, june 10

Southern house

like our new house?  i kid  i kid.  this is not where we will be living in a few weeks but the important thing is that we did find a place.  what does it look like, you ask…well i would be happy to describe it in detail for you if i have seen it, but i, in fact, have not and neither has jastin.  i wasn't crazy about spending a bunch of money to fly back down there so we decided to find a place by simply using the internet.  i have to say that even though i have not seen the place in person, i am very excited by the pictures that we have seen and the website for the development.

i now wish i could snap my fingers and it would be june 21 and we would be all moved in.  i have neglected to post lately because i have been knee deep in boxes trying to get everything packed up as quickly as possible.  we have also been busy tying up loose ends with the house we STILL own in saint louis.  yep, that's right, we didn't end up selling which now makes us landlords.  i personally hate the process of selling a house.  i feel like our place was in a popularity contest…competing against similar places right down the road for attention.   i would get nervous for the house…like it was going on a first date or something.  I hated living with my phone attached to my hip waiting for the next time i would get a call that someone would want to see the house.  i learned something very valuable for the future in this process, however…i can do everything a real estate agent can do (and possibly even more) to sell this place.  when we do put it back on the market, it will be for sale by owner.

the good news is that after putting the house up for rent (which i did do myself) we had interested tenants willing to sign a lease within 2 days.  we are in the process of ironing out all of the details with them and are confident we are leaving it in good hands for the next few years.  although i was crushed when we couldn't sell the house i am thankful we were able to rent it out.

so please bear with me as i try to juggle everything going on right now.  i do need to post about adali's 15 month check-up yesterday where the big discussion yet again was her weight (or lack thereof) as well as her developmental testing and nicu follow-up scheduled next week…it just may be a few days before i can get to it. 

much love,

mama a     

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  1. Aunt Lindsey says:

    Remember I will be your stress reliever Monday through Thursday.. can’t wait to get Adders out of your hair and hang out with her (and you guys) before you guys move!

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