wednesday, june 17

please don't get excited that you saw a new title…honestly, who am i kidding…i bet nobody even checks this anymore because it's been so long since i've updated.  anywho…i simply came on to let you know that i won't be updating with anything relevant for a few more days.  this moving crap suuuucks.  but, the fun thing is that so many cool things have happened in the past week (grant's farm , doctor's appointments, developmental testing, first dentist appointment, more teeth, first cardinal game, etc) that i will have serious blogging material when i do blog…in a few days.  until then, pray it doesn't rain here in st. louis on friday and that it isn't 100 degrees on sunday in georgia.  and if it is raining and humid, you can hear me complain about it on twitter.  

because no post is complete without pictures (especially those about nothing), here is one of my recent favorites…


much love,

mama a

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  1. Vicky says:

    I check all the time if you have updated!!
    That is a great picture :0)

  2. Sweeney says:

    i totally feel ya! i’ve been keeping a blog for the CA family and for fun…but mostly for the CA family. and with a newborn, work, dance class, summer camp, etc it’s hard to keep it updated. can’t imagine updating while in the midst of MOVING!

    moving is supposed to be one of THE most stressful situations for a human being…you seem to be doing great with it! (i’m sure a baseball game here or there helps you out too :) )

    that is a sweet pic of you and Adali…one to definitely cherish!


  3. Jenna says:

    Beautiful picture! Good luck with the moving.

  4. Kristen says:

    Good luck with everything!! Wish I could help you guys. I am glad you had a fun week!

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