birthday's, freedom, surprises, fireworks, festivals, parades, family, cookouts, ice cream cake.  the end. 

 4th july2

that pretty much sums up our weekend, but, if you would like a few more details, keep reading. 

if you follow my tweets, you know that i surprised jastin and had his parents fly in for his birthday.  my parents also stopped through on friday on their way to florida.  although jastin's birthday was not until saturday, we had a cookout on friday to celebrate.  

4th july1

i think i might be a little jealous of my husband's birthday being on the 4th of july.  nobody ever forgets when it is, everyone is always off of work and fireworks for your birthday?  come on, it doesn't get any better than that.  

on saturday our neighborhood was having a little parade for all of the kids.  even though we don't really no anyone yet, we figured we might as well experience what it was like.  it was very cute to see all of the kids with their bikes and dogs decorated in red, white and blue.  

 4th july5  

adali took her normal perch on daddy's shoulders and i pushed the empty stroller and picked up all of the candy left on the road (man i forgot how good gobstoppers are).  i am glad we decided to partake as everything we do over the next year truly is a once in a lifetime experience.  

that night we went downtown to a festival that concluded with fireworks.  i love festivals as they are the prime place for people watching….and funnel cake.  man, i love funnel cake.  after we felt we had filled ourselves to the brim with people watching and barbeque, we walked down to the savannah river to find the perfect spot to watch the fireworks.  once we claimed our space, the real show began…the adali grace show.  i loved to watch her walk around and show off for every single person around us.  it is truly amazing to watch a child.  not yet touched by prejudice or hate.  they love everyone and want everyone to love them.

even though the fireworks didn't start until 9:30, i knew there was no way she would fall asleep as there was way too much action going on.  as soon as the first lights hit the sky she was in awe.  again, she took her perch on daddy's shoulders and stared out over the river in complete amazement, she clapped, she smiled, she sang.  i think it's safe to say, she likes fireworks as much as her mama.  

 4th july8    

this was my favorite shot of the night.  it was like falling stars coming off of the bridge into the water.

i hope your 4th of july was filled with as fun as the a gangs.  if not here's a fun picture that will bring a smile to your face.  it certainly did mine…

 4th july4   

tomorrow afternoon adali and i are heading to florida to hang on the beach for a few days with my parents.  if she loves the beach as much as she loves the pool, we are in for some good times!  oh yeah, and don't worry, we are bringing our peaches with us.  

much love,

mama a

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  1. Sara T says:

    Looks like a great 4th! Love all the pics!

  2. Bethany says:

    What a beautiful 4th you had! The pictures are gorgeous, and Adali is getting so big!

  3. Hope you’re having fun in Florida! Next time you really should consider Wewa… ;)

  4. Sweeney says:

    okay, so your 4th sounded so cute and quant…ours not so much. i remember being little and our 4th’s sounding a lot like yours. poor bubs and conner have yet to experience that.

    the bridge picture is totally awesome! and of course miss adali looking very “fashionista” as always.

    hope the new digs are treating you well, sure sounds like they are :)


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