thursday, july 16

oh hey, come on in.  i was just getting dressed…

Adali house

let me show you around.  this is our living room.

Living room1

this my very own playroom.


this is our dining room.

Dining room

this is our kitchen.


this is the guest quarters/office, all of which is upstairs.


this is mama and daddy's room.  mama wishes it was a bit brighter.


mama had a hard time taking a picture of the master bathroom so she took a picture of her favorite little place in the shower.


this is only part of mama's closet.  i hope i have one that looks like this someday.


this is the front of the house.


and this is the pretty little tree outside of my room.


things mama likes:

** very open floor plan.  she loves that i can run around from room to room and we don't have to worry about her falling down stairs.  

** the pool is literally within 30 yards of our front door.  it's like having a pool in your yard but not having to maintain it.

** the master bathroom and closets are unbelievable.  

** lots of storage for all of the stuff we didn't want to unpack.

** mama and i feel incredibly safe when daddy isn't home.

** there are many trails and neighborhoods for us to ride our bikes around.

** hardwood floors in the main living area and kitchen.

** more of a yard than we had in st. louis.

things mama wishes she could change:

** the house is very brown.  all of the paint colors are some shade of brown and the master bedroom has 3 different colored walls…odd.  as you can tell from our last house,  jastin and i both prefer brighter, bolder colors.

** the fixtures are very rustic (and rusty).  most of them have some form horseshoes, rope or rust on them.  for evidence, please refer to our door knocker. .  

** the lighting in the house is very dim because the fixtures are frosted.  

** there is carpet in all of the bedrooms.  blah.  i can't stand carpet.  i feel dirty every time i walk on it.

** i wish there were more younger couples in our neighborhood.  we are the youngest couple in our part of the development by at least 30 years.

as you can see there are many more things to like about our place than dislike.  we fee very fortunate to have found this place without ever seeing it in person.

Adali door 

now get out!

love and fairy dust,

adali grace


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  1. Sara T says:

    Your place looks awesome!! and a pool outside your front door you don’t even have to maintain – me and my girls would be in heaven!! Enjoy your next 51 weeks – my guess is they will start to fly here pretty quickly!!

  2. Sweeney says:

    okay…how jealous am i of the closet! very!

    and how jealous am i of the little laid in shelving unit in the bathroom…very!

    house looks great!…and just think, 11 months and 2 days you’ll be planning to decorate / customize you’re very own home! that you and Jastin bought TOGETHER! how nice does that sound :)

    sending STL love your way,

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