thursday, july 16

my last post and the comments/emails that followed taught me the following:

** my husband rocks.

** i have amazing friends in my life.

** it is ok to feel the way i have been feeling.

** others have also been where i am now.

** everything will be ok because of the above.

** i don't want to see russia out of my kitchen window.  

** unlike our current residence, i have a choice in any future places we call home.

** i'm not the only crazy fool that likes to associate smells with the majority of experiences in my life.  

** returning inland after spending time at the beach can make you sad.  does that mean that if you don't live on the beach you should avoid it?  i hope not.

i now know that i won't, in fact, leave georgia empty handed.   i will leave (in 51 weeks) with several lessons learned and many experiences from our short time here.  thank you for helping me understand!

mama a 


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