tuesday, july 21

Adali makeup

this is what i walked in on the other day.  little miss "get into everything lately" thought she needed a little touch up and had my makeup out all over.  if you catch her in something she shouldn't be doing (approximately 14 times a day), this is the face she always makes.  it's very similar to the birdy face we all grew to love…

Little birdy

but now she adds some sound with it…."ohhhh."  she also does this when she likes something, is excited about something, is in trouble over something.  safe to say, it's her favorite expression at the moment.  

adali is growing into quite the little girl lately.  her vocabulary is getting more and more expansive every day and she is beginning to comprehend the world around her more now, than ever.  our pediatrician back in st. louis had given us a list of developmental milestones to keep our eye on over the next few months until her next appointment.  i have always tried to follow any outlined milestones very loosely so i don't become frustrated with what she may not be doing by a certain age.  i think this approach is especially important given her severe prematurity.  i figure that sound discussions with both her pediatrician and neonatology team would be our best bet in making sure that adali is developmentally healthy.  

developmentally i think she is right on track, but one thing i am astounded at recently is her use of words.  not only is she learning new words every day but she understands how to relate those words to the world around her.  it's so amazing to watch this progression…and a huge dose of reality all at the same time.  

you can no longer say something thinking that she will never remember what you just told her.  for instance, adali has a new found respect for her belly button or belly buddy as she refers to it.  at random moments in the day she feels the need to lift up her dress to make sure it's still there, all the while telling you over and over again what exactly it is she is pointing to.  one day i was sitting on the floor playing tea party with adali and her dolls and after exclaiming to me and the rest of the tea party exactly where her belly buddy was she felt the need to pull down my shirt so she could have a looksy at what might be down there (not much).  i quickly said boobies, pulled my shirt up and went about the rest of our tea party.  later that day we decided to go to the pool for a bit…yeah you see where this one is headed.  i was carrying her on my hip to the shallow end of the pool while adali was fixated on the 2 high school boys in the pool playing catch.  before i could set her down she yanked one side of my suit over and said clear as day, "boobies."  i, of course was mortified.  if the 2 hormonal teenage boys saw the peep show put on by the then 15 month old, they played dumb which i was very grateful for.  she still hasn't forgotten that word and feels the need every once in awhile to make sure what i do have is still there.    

i know i won't be able to remember them all, but here some of the other words she can currently say.

**shoes (she oftentimes says bye bye when i am putting her shoes on because she knows that is what they mean)

**bye bye


**quack quack



**woof woof (or she makes the panting noise for a puppy)



**good girl (she says this specifically when she is proud of herself and wants to make it known)

**big girl






**belly buddy


**ice, ice, ice, ice






**ooo ooo aaaa aaaa (monkey sound)


she loves to play peek-a-boo but can't quite say it correctly.  it tends to come out peek-a-peek.  she also loves this stuffed turkey she has and i always say gobble gobble when she brings it to me.  she, of course, trys to recite what i say but it kind of comes out backwards…more like bockle bockle.  

for whatever reason she will not say milk.  she prefers to whine at the refrigerator.  she will not say more either.  again, preferring to whine.  and you probably noticed that mama was not on the list.  i think she might have trouble with m's.  either that or she never needs to say mama when i'm ALWAYS right there.  hmmmm.

you can always see the wheels turning in her head.  she's like a little sponge.  she loves to be read to and always watches your lips when you are saying something to see if she can try and say it back.  like i said before, it is so remarkable to watch her progression into a little girl.  i am so thrilled at how well she is doing but will never forget where we came from.   

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  1. Sara T says:

    Goodness she reminds me so much of my KT – she makes that face in the first picture all the time now and she too remembers everything – and has bat like sonar hearing when it comes to word “outside” once the word is uttered there is NO keeping that girl in the house!
    Her list of words Adali knows is awesome!
    FYI you might be kind of glad that Mamma is not known or used yet – KT’s new “thing” is to start saying Mamma when we get in the car and doesn’t stop until we get to our destination – no matter how far away – Mamma Mamma Mamma Mamma……
    and no matter how many times i say What honey and look at her – she just smiles and continues……..ahhhhhhhhhhh – drives me a little insane at times! ;-)

    I can relate to the pool story (thanks to Abby I mooned the entire population of Lytle pool last Friday afternoon…. thankfully that was all of about 15 people – most of them mom’s that probably understood…..):-)

  2. Sweeney says:

    that is so great James!

    addi is 3 (and a 1/2…and she makes sure to state that) and justin and i are amazed every single day at the things she says and does. amazed…mortified…whatever :)

    they ARE like little sponges. and it’s definitely so awesome to see them grow and progress into little people. and the whole time you’re thinking to yourself…”i made that. that little person came from me.” how awesome!

    i’m excited because you’ve totally reminded me of how cool the progression from baby to person is. and i get to do it all over again with conner. he wants to talk soooo bad. it’s so funny to watch him try too.

    thanks for the reminder, james. and yeaaaa for adali growing into a little person!! :)


    ps. if you haven’t already, sooner or later you’ll find yourself watching your little person and tears will just start coming down your face…you realize that “baby” is gone, and how she’s growing into a fantastic little person. i cry ALL the time. tears of joy mixed with sorrow.

  3. LOL at Adali flashing the boys at the pool for you! Nice!

    Jack Henry got my makeup bag down a few weeks ago and wrote on his face with my favorite eyeliner…luckily it was a cheap one b/c he kinda ruined it.

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