thursday, july 28

yesterday we were fortunate to get a late afternoon shower to cool things off for a bit.  here is what ensued after adali caught a glimpse of what was happening outside from the living room window.  

i love that she finds such pleasure in the little things.  what i don't love is the screaming fit she threw when it was time to go inside.  i promised her there would be many more puddles.

much love,

mama a

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  1. sweeney says:

    your last post you say you hate summer…this (your summer rain video) is one of the reason that summer is my ultimate FAVORITE season!

    a natural drinking foutain a.k.a the gutter…nice job Adali!


  2. Deb Salger says:

    Love your blog. All of you post are great. Playin’ in the Puddles is sooo cute. I feel like I know you and Adali.
    Chrystal talks so highly of you. Talk care Adali and enjoy the rest of your summer.
    Austin’s Nana Deb

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