monday, july 27

while summer is not my favorite season (i don't really even consider it my second favorite), i do love it's months for many reasons.  here are a few…


**  flip flops.  i love the freedom my toes feel unconstrained by laces.  i love seeing my freshly painted piggies when i look down to pick adali up. i love that my feet look daintier in them.  and of course, i love that they flip and they flop.  these have been my fav for several years now.  

** green.  it's my favorite color and i love the abundance during the summer.  

** golf.  i love the game.  i love that you play it outside.  i love that it allows me to still be competitive.  i love that it only takes one shot in a 4 hour round to make you want to come back again.  this is a picture of one of the only 2 times i was able to get out and golf last summer, but one of the best rounds i have ever had.



** this lotion.  it was in our hotel room a few summers ago in l.a.  i love it.  the smell is tied to some really good memories.  i only wear it in the summer and love thinking back to that particular summer every time i put it on.  

** curly hair.  i love that i have finally realized that there is absolutely no point in fighting humidity.  i used to hate that my hair had a natural curl to it.  i now love it.  i haven't touched a blow dryer in months.  love.

** gardens and everything they leave you with.  my father has always prided himself on his garden and i never really understood just how great they are until a few years ago.  the fact that you can grow your own food for so incredibly cheap is quite simply amazing.  while we are not in a position to have the garden we would like this summer we have managed to find a place for some of our favorites.

IMG_4360 IMG_4369

we managed to squeeze in 2 basil plants and 1 tomato plant shortly after we moved in.  from just these few garden must haves we have been able to make goodies like this basil pesto pasta with shrimp, guacamole, bruschetta, pico de gallo and tomato salad.  mmmm now i'm hungry.  

** finding fun ways to escape the heat.  it certainly helps that this summer we have a pool virtually in our back yard.  

Adali pool3 

** summer vacations.  i love love love the anticipation of summer getaways.  this year we were not able to go on our yearly vacation  because of the timing of dr. a starting his fellowship. i have been fortunate enough to get away with adali and we hope to get away as a family one last time before the end of the summer, but next year we are planning a month long summer getaway and i.can't.wait!  we are in the early planning stages now but will surely share more once everything is set in stone.  

** bike rides.  this has to be one of adali's favorite parts of summer as well.  she knows that we go after dinner and starts pointing to the door while we are still at the table.  if you tell her we can't go until she finishes her dinner she will shove every last bite into her mouth at once.  this would be good, except her mouth is usually so full, she can't chew.  

Adali bike  

** afternoon thunderstorms (please hold the wind).  i enjoy watching the dark clouds meander in, watching the leaves turn over as if they know they need protection from what is coming.  i love the thunder rumbling as the sun still shines.  i love to sit outside and feel the stickiness become overrun by a fresh, cool breeze (exactly what i am doing at this very minute as adali naps).


** the grill.  i enjoy not using the oven in the summer.  we tend to grill out nearly every night while the weather cooperates.  cleanup is so much easier (maybe because i don't man the grill) and everything seems to taste that much better off of the grill.  to me, the smell of a grill is summer.  some of my favorites on the grill are pizza, spicy turkey or chicken sausage, corn, zesty italian and mustard chicken and last but not least, peaches.


**babies who think it is just too darn hot and must do something about it immediately…


what are some of your summer favorites?  it would be fun if you either posted them in the comments section or put them on your blog.

much love,

mama a


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  1. Sara T says:

    Few thoughts:
    #1 – Glad that the float is working for you guys
    #2 – You ride your bike in a dress? How does that work – i would get tangled up and surely fall down in front of people if I tried
    #3 – Google reader does not show all your loves — it didn’t have the golf or the hair section for some reason?!?!

    Great Post – I will see if I can find time to post a listing this week!

  2. I love flip flops, and even though I’m not really in the sun much, I love that I have a permanent flip flop tan all summer long!

    For the first time in as long as I can remember, I love wearing skirts. But only in the summer.

    I love all the fresh fruit and tomatoes…there’s nothing like a tomato from the garden! Next year, I’m going to have a real garden, not just a potted tomato plant that is already half dead (but gave us bunches of grape tomatoes!).

    Amazed at your biking in a dress, too :) I haven’t ridden a bike since college…

  3. Jamie says:

    sara, i alos make sure i have my pearls on when i ride my bike. ;) i do not normally ride my bike with a dress on, but i must have when this picture was taken. this was the first night the baby seat was on and i couldn’t resist taking adali for a quick cruise around the block.

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