wednesday, july 1

what mom?  i'm not dirty and i did not eat any of lexi's food today…pinky swear.

Adali dirt

this is how adali looks most nights.  you know it's been a successful summer day when you have to scrub her face in the bath.  i think it's safe to say she loves exploring her new, outdoor surroundings…and occasionally seeing how it tastes as well.

love and fairy dust,

adali grace and mama a

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  1. Sara T says:

    That my friend is a true girl! She would get along with my K T!

    Glad she is enjoying her new surroundings!

  2. jamie, that picture is SO cute! it looks like a greeting card!

    hope you’re adjusting to your new surroundings…

  3. JaymeO says:

    HAHAHA! What a great picture!!

  4. Sweeney says:

    oh yes…that is a successful summer day, the “face scrub”. we know that scrub oh too well. the best part, dirty finger nails…totally FREAK me out! god only knows what’s under those nails…yuck! god bless children, those filthy mcnasty’s :)

    so fresh and so clean,
    the sweeneys

  5. Sonya says:

    I completely agree with Nicole – that pic could be a greeting card!! Love it.

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