wednesday, august 5

so, you have probably noticed a few things when visiting over the past few (or more) days.  

a) i haven't posted in awhile.

b) i have a new banner.  

the reason for a) is b).  one night last week my mind was racing when i couldn't sleep and one of those crazy thoughts swirling amongst the sheep i was trying to count was the idea that i could whip up a new banner for this here little blog.  what.was.i.thinking??  honestly, i love how it turned out in the end but there were some frustrating moments getting it done.  like i mentioned in my tweets,  i only know a smidgen (mostly photo editing) of the capabilities of photoshop.  although i have hired many web designers in my day, i am not one.  having worked for an internet company for nearly five years, i am now wondering why i didn't tie a web designer down and make them teach me the ropes of photoshop.  oh well, too late now.  i plan to make a few more changes sometime soon, but for now, it is what it is.  i do need to give a shout out to a great friend and bona fide web designer, robin, who answered a few of my questions when i was sick of searching for tutorials.  thanks, guy!    

in other (and much more interesting news), i feel like i hit the jackpot today.  the girls (me, my mom and adali) ventured out to take in some shopping in the area.  our first stop was a cute children's resale shop not too far from our house.  i found this little gem, sitting out in the open, saying "buy me, buy me."  

Adali table

and being the good little eco-shopper that i am, i listened.  fyi, the cute little girl was included in the sale, lucky me!  seriously, how cute is this?!  i am in love.  truthfully, this picture doesn't do it's true cuteness justice (or the little girls for that matter).  it's vintage, in great condition and perfect for adali and her new found love of imaginary play time.  and better yet it was a steal!  i searched online to see if i could find something comparable and the few i found that were even close were over $600.  ummm, no thanks.  i am currently searching for a fun fabric to recover the cushions (something else i have never attempted but hope to accomplish).  you think any of my accomplishments will look good on my resume or linkedin profile?  who am i kidding, my current job is the best in the world!

much love,

mama a

ps, don't be afraid to let me know what you think of the new banner.  


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  1. i love it! so cute. and surely recovering those chair pads won’t be bad, right?

    love the new banner, too! i’d SO love to redo my blog, but don’t want to spend the time or money it takes right now…

  2. Jennifer Teegarden says:


    Adali’s new table is too cute! I am sure she will have so much fun with it! I love the new banner – totally adorable!

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