wednesday, august 12

please, please, please leave me alone.  i am not a wuss.  a bug on it's own might give me the heebie jeebies but it's not enough to send me over the edge.  however, bugs seem to be ganging up on me lately.  my first encounter was a group of fire ants that i disturbed at the pool a few weeks ago.  have you ever been bitten by these heinous creatures?  holy cow they hurt.  bad.  i don't think fire ants exist in the midwest.  i suppose they wanted to give me a proper introduction to them that day.  i was holding adali when they bit me.  i thought the most logical approach to dismembering them from my foot was to dunk my foot in the pool.  i quickly learned that fire ants aren't phased by water and will simply continue to dig their jaws into you all the while piercing their stinger into your skin over and over and over again.  hello, fire ants…it was nice to meet you too…not!  i am just thankful it was me and not adali that disturbed them that day.  

my next encounter was a few nights ago on the patio.  we were hanging out in the backyard before adali had to go to bed.  it was cool enough that you could be out there for about 15 minutes before your breathing became labored.  before i knew it i was being attacked by a mob of mosquitos.  in a matter of 90 seconds i managed to swat at and kill (please no calls from PETA) 4 of them mid blood suck.  i know that's gross, but that's what they do…suck your blood.  they have since attacked both me and jastin every night since when we try and enjoy ourselves in the backyard.  go away already.

 last but certainly not least, adali's play room has been overtaken by little black ants.  we first noticed them last month.  it took awhile, but we managed to get rid of them using little traps.  i figured it was our fault because we let adali walk around with pieces of bread all day to help her pack on the pounds.  neither she nor the ants cared if she dropped a few nibbles here or there.  well yesterday, i got a rude awakening when i lifted up her puzzle while cleaning up after her.  


and there they were.  everywhere.  scurrying out like i had just told them they were past curfew and their mom's were looking for them.  i noticed them weeks ago migrating around these puzzle pieces and figured there must have been food stuck to it somewhere.  i quickly wiped them down and made sure they stayed off the floor as much as possible.  i now think they are drawn to the puzzle thinking the little grooves on them are ant trails that we crafted especially for them.  


wrongo ants!  i put new traps out and adali and i have steered clear of the playroom today.  she is currently playing in the next logical place for any 17 month old…the file cabinet.  

so, if you have any recommendations on how to quickly get rid of ants in your house, please let me know.  oh yeah, and if you really want to be grossed out by bugs, visit my friend michelle's blog  and read her bug story.

much buggy love,

mama a

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  1. we’ve always used terro for little black ants – inside and out – with pretty good success (plus constant sweeping/vacuuming). and, make sure that there’s a good seal on your doors/windows so they can’t get in easily.

  2. Sara T says:

    We also have the best luck with terro – ours usually go away within a day of putting it out. We get the liquidy gel stuff you put on the cardboard “traps.” We are lucky in that we don’t get a lot of ant breakouts “knock on wood” but my mom gets them very badly at her house – we are neighbors – not sure what the difference is?!?!

    I HATE BUGS – i mean i don’t scream like a sissy when I see them – but I sure as heck don’t let them live if i see them crawling or flying in my house.
    And your friends story about her daughter eating the bug – gag me with a spoon and push me out the door – kids can be so gross! ;-)
    Good Luck on your war against the ants! I wish you much sucess!

  3. sweeneys says:

    Ha! nice shout out to the bugs…and to the kids that EAT bugs. ya know, my mom and dad usually experience ants in the summer in their kitchen, like sink area…maybe mom has some ideas for you (she reads your blog EVERYDAY). and fire ants…yes, we have them here in the midwest. i LOVE camping (like tents, camp-fire, whole nine yards – needless to say Justin doesn’t) and every time i go camping theres those nasty-ass, big-ass, red ants. and they DO hurt!

    hope your foots better…that sucks! and yes, way better to have happened to you then to adali. can you imagine!


  4. I share your fire ant pain (I blogged about it, too!). It is something about living down here – our yard is littered with ant hills, so much so that I wouldn’t dare lay a blanket down anywhere in our yard so that we might try to enjoy being outside. No way. Check off another point for the good ol’ Midwest!

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