friday, august 28

the winner of the susy q bow and headband is….


Jo Diehl with the 7th comment.

"Hi Jamie–I'm Nicole Diehl's mil–and future grandma to Andrea & Eric's baby girl! I've lurked on your blog periodically for quite awhile, and now I'm "coming out" for a chance at a "Nikki bow"! Love the one you're giving away! My vote for favorite is the pink ladybug clip (Andrea used to decorate her room w/ ladybugs!)"

congratulations, Jo!  Please email me at jamieantisdel at hotmail dot com with your contact information so we can get the bow out to you.  

remember to check out nikki's store for your little girl or for gift ideas.  i can personally vouch that they are made with love.  i will post pictures of adali's cute little hat from nikki's store when the weather gets cool enough for her to wear it…does that ever happen in georgia?  i'm beginning to wonder.

this was adali's reaction when i told her that the bow wasn't for her….

Crying collage

much love,

mama a


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  1. Sonya says:

    Yay Jo! Way to go. Andrea will be so excited! And Jamie – love the pics of Adali. Made me LOL. Hilarious!

  2. I laughed out loud at the pics of Adali, too! That last one is so funny!

    And yay, Jo!!

  3. Sara T says:

    Dear Adali – my reaction was exactly the same when I got back from vacation and realized I was not the winner of the bow. Better luck to both of us next time! :)

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