monday, august 24

last weekend we were fortunate to be invited to a nearby lake for some summertime fun.  jastin's boss was hosting a get together for all of the residents, fellows, attendings and their families at his lake house on clark hill lake (if you live in georgia)/strom thurmand lake (if you live in south carolina).  we had a blast.  i love lakes and nearly everything that goes with them and i hope to pass along my love for dirty water to adali.  she seemed to soak it all up and even enjoyed her first boat ride while jastin and i both skied.  there were also a few other girls there adali's age who took her under their wing and showed her where all of the fun takes place…the enormous toy room.  it is so fun to see her interact with other children.  i could watch her learn from them all day long.  

i don't have any pictures from our time in the lake because, frankly, i don't trust myself with a camera near water yet but i did get some pictures of adali roaming around and enjoying the porch swing.



Clark_hill-7 Clark_hill-9




much love,

mama a

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  1. Melissa says:

    Great photos! I keep meaning to ask you – what kind of camera do you guys have?

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