tuesday, august 11

 it's been scorching hot in the good ole south all summer.  i can only remember a hand full of days that it has been below 90 degrees.  from what i hear, this is quite different than summer in the midwest this year.  i am jealous.  

after 5 minutes of being outside adali's face turns beet red and she begins to wilt right before your eyes.  she gets agitated, bossy and begins to whine.  ok, so she whines all day whether it's hot or not but it just hurts your ears more when it's hot out.  the only time she is happy outside is when she is holding a delicious, sticky, melty treat.  

Adali popsicle       

Adali popsicle3

Adali popsicle2 Adali popsicle5

Adali popsicle7

Adali popsicle6 Adali popsicle8

Adali popsicle4

oh yeah and how cute is her new ladybug swimsuit?  i'm not sure daddy is thrilled about it…

much love,

mama a

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  1. Sandy says:

    The weather here…..it’s been HOT this week….go figure St A picnic weekend. I love the swimsuit….ADORABLE!

  2. Sonya says:

    Love, Love these pictures. Absolutely adorable!

  3. sweeneys says:

    addi was about this age when she got her first “string” bikini (aunt Mel)…i think it’s waaaay cute! and the suits only get cuter the bigger they get!! addi has a whole drawer of swimsuits (she, like adali i’m sure, has drawers filled with ALL kinds of stuff). coming from a mom with one girl and one boy…girls clothes are way more fun! enjoy the cute suits while you can :)

  4. Sara T says:

    I think the swimsuit is very modest and super cute!

    Abby picked up a suit from a family we get hand me downs from — well it was a string bikini and i wasn’t going to let her keep it – but she fell in love with it – she calls it her bra……
    She is only allowed to wear it at home – we have a normal two piece (non bra looking) for her to wear in public! ;-)

  5. Mandy says:

    You definitely have such a talent for photography, Jamie! I LOVE her swimsuit! Too cute!

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