thursday, august 6

when i went to brush my teeth last night this is what i found…


ugh!  it was late and i wanted to curl up in bed, but now i was forced to think like a soon-to-be 17 month old.  is it in the cabinets?  nope.  is it in the toilet?  nope.  phew!  is it under the bed?  nope.  oh look…


 it's in my shoe.  it's actually quite common as of late for me to be looking for my toothbrush.  adali loves to brush her teeth, but it has to be with my toothbrush.  i don't mind her using my toothbrush at all but i'm having trouble getting her to understand that if she uses it she needs to put it back where it belongs, and it doesn't belong in my shoes or in my underwear drawer (another common place to find it).

the other day i was telling someone about adali's love for using my toothbrush and i could tell by the   

the look on their face that they were grossed out by the mere thought of it.  i had to quickly remind 

myself that they don't have children and didn't understand what gross really is.  i played along and acted 

like it was indeed gross to share a toothbrush with my own child but what i really wanted to say is "oh you 

think that's gross?

nah gross is when the child you gave birth to leaves a 6 inch scar that doesn't heal right.  

gross is having to hold your child over the toilet countless times a day so they can spit out the food they 

have been holding in their mouth for the past 20 minutes.  gross is being projectile vomitted on 

multiple times a day.  gross is a child having a blowout diaper in their carseat."  it is not gross to let your 

child use your toothbrush, but then again, i would have probably thought it was gross before i had a child as well. 

much love,

mama a

ps, sorry for the odd paragraph spacing.  typepad is doing crazy things i can't figure it out how to fix it.  

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  1. Sara T says:

    You said that right…. a person’s whole perspective of what qualifies as gross changes about 3 minutes into parenthood! :-)

    Thankfully Katie steals Abby’s toothbrush and not mine! Abby’s lights up – mine doesn’t…. :-)

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