Mama bday-3

tuesday, september 29 we had big plans for the weekend.  atlanta was calling our name for a weekend away to explore and do a bit of celebrating. one small detail got in our way…the sickness.  adali came down with what we now know is the flu on wednesday and lasted all the way through sunday. [ Continue Reading ... ]


friday, september 25 this weekend i will tiptoe into a new decade of my life.  the one that begins with a "3."  i wasn't going to write about it but i thought what the heck, it's going to happen whether you write about it or not so why not document how you feel transitioning into [ Continue Reading ... ]


thursday, september 24 for those of you who have spent any time at our house, you know that adali has an extreme fondness for closing things (cabinets, drawers, the dishwasher, the refrigerator).  oddly, she's not that impressed with opening them, just closing them.  all of this means that whenever you are in the kitchen putting [ Continue Reading ... ]


tuesday, september 22  as i was perusing one of the recent parents magazine, i came across an article that fuels my curiosity regarding baby names.  i find it fascinating at just how big a business baby names are; with books, websites, quizzes, guides and much more at your fingertips to make what is considered a [ Continue Reading ... ]


monday, september 21 sugar and spice and everything nice…. that's what little girls are made of… much love, mama a


friday, september 18 so, mama tells me that there are only a few days left of summer before fall begins.  are you ready?  i am.    love and fairy dust, adali grace