thursday, september 24


for those of you who have spent any time at our house, you know that adali has an extreme fondness for closing things (cabinets, drawers, the dishwasher, the refrigerator).  oddly, she's not that impressed with opening them, just closing them.  all of this means that whenever you are in the kitchen putting dishes or groceries away or when your trying to get dinner together she is always right behind you so that the second you open anything she can come along and shut it (with force and a grunt to boot).  she doesn't care if you are still in the refrigerator or pantry, she wants it shut…now.  

well the other night jastin and i were both scurrying around the house doing our own thing.  he was doing something of which i can't remember although i'm sure it was really important and i was in the kitchen putting stuff away.  shortly after i heard jastin come downstairs i heard lexi let out a faint bark.  i asked jastin if he had taken lexi upstairs with him and forgot to bring her back down (we have a gate at the bottom of the stairs).  he mentioned that he hadn't brought her up but that there was a good possibility that he had accidently left her outside so i opened the garage door and called her name….nothing.  and since adali has become my favorite little shadow lately she followed right behind with "xxxxxxxeeeeeee."  i walked to the back door, "leeeexi."  adali, "xxxxxxxeeee." a faint bark but no lexi.  i thought to myself that jastin could possibly be losing his mind and that he really did bring her upstairs and he just doesn't remember,so i walked upstairs called her name and yet again a faint "ruff."  i then began to wonder if it was in fact me that was losing my mind.  where in the world could she have gone.

i walk back downstairs and look blankly at adali who is leaning against the pantry door singing "xxxxxxeeeee, xxxxxxxeeee."  all of a sudden it dawns on me.  i open the pantry door and out runs lexi.  adali of course squeals with delight, "XXEE!" as if it were a game of hide and seek and she just won the prize.

it's one thing when she shuts her sippy cup full of milk in the cabinets only to be found a few days later growing scary things from it, it's another when she shuts the dog in them.        


much love,

mama a

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