tuesday, september 1

Milk collage

so, i've had the poll about pumping in public up for almost 2 weeks now and thought i would share the results.

Poll from my experience in pumping combined with the fact that 69% of you would feel comfortable pumping knowing there was a nursing room where you were going, i think it's safe to say that the main takeaway would be that more public places need to have some sort of clean, private space in which women who are nursing/pumping can go and feel comfortable.  

in the 2 weeks since i wrote the initial post i made an effort to go into as many public restrooms as possible while out and about in my daily routine.  in all of the places i went, not one had a decent space.  it's not like i was looking for something extravagant with nursing room painted over the doorway.  just a simple, private, clean space away from other patrons and things that carry germs, like, oh i don't know…toilets.  when i worked in human resources i always tried to accommodate mothers coming back to work with a room to go to where they felt comfortable.  it was just as much for the new mothers as the rest of the employees.  i'm fairly certain it prevented emails streaming in my inbox with the subject "there's a strange noise coming from the women's bathroom."      

anyway, i do have to commend the 9% that feel completely comfortable pumping in public.  i wish i could say i voted in that group…not the case.  

i'm not sure how much i can do about getting better accommodations in public places but i can promise that if i ever own a public establishment i will make sure to have a nursing room and i will even paint the title over the doorway.

now if we could just get more changing stations in men's restrooms we would be all set!

ps…you like the pictures of adali?  i figured they were pretty fitting for this post.  she saw me smell the milk to see if the expiration date told the truth.  it did and i made a funny face after sniffing it.  she begged for the carton so i caved and gave it to her.  she, of course had to run to jastin and imitate what i did.  imitation is the sincerest form of flattery i suppose.    

much love,

mama a

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  1. Sara T says:

    Too cute – love the pictures!

  2. Melissa says:

    I’ve been meaning to comment about your pumping post and have started my comment over and over again in my head and never finished it. I was one of those 89% and to be honest, I never even thought about pumping in public and if one should or could. I was always on the lookout for a place to feed Addie and if there wasn’t an “appropriate” place, I headed for the car. I have fed her, reluctantly, in bathroom stalls, and also right in the middle of St. Clair Square. The first time I ever fed her in public was in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, and even though I suppose it would be considered acceptable there, I was still super proud to have overcome that hurdle. Now, that didn’t mean I’d whip out my boob for all to see, anywhere, anytime, but it did feel somewhat like a motherhood milestone.

    I am always very thankful when I discover a designated spot for nursing/pumping moms, including the amazing nursing room at my sister’s church in St. Louis. They even provided Boppy pillows and piped the service in for the moms to hear. I thanked the children’s workers as I walked out because it was so nice to have a “spot” where I could go and feel comfortable. It definitely beat crouching on the toilet while precariously balancing Addie in such a way that neither she nor I had to touch any additional surfaces.

    I’m a manual pumper when I have to be, and I will also vow to provide a place for moms to go if I ever own a business, or, more likely, am part of the leadership team in a church where I can have some say in the matter. I’ll also vow to say thanks, to those who make those places available!

  3. Melissa says:

    Oh, and one more thing – I agree that the pumping parts should NOT be clear!

  4. Oscar says:

    Ikea and Nordstrom have BEAUTIFUL nuring/pumping rooms. Not that I frequent either store but I was happy to when nursing. Funny how I would certainly nurse anywhere, discreetly of course, but I definitely wouldn’t pump just anywhere. While LUli was in the hospital I was set up to “milk the cow” and of course just at that moment the surgeon came in to check on her…EMBARASSING!

    Keep up the good work Jamie, Oscar and I love watching Adali grow. I’m also impressed that you’ve kept up the blog through the summer, apparently I’ve taken the summer off!

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