tuesday, september 15

in july when adali and I were driving back from florida with my parents, all i could do was stare out the window.  a few hours into the drive we got off of the interstate and started driving on a 2 lane highway.  i remember thinking my dad had lost his mind and that we were totally headed in the wrong direction, but the gps said we were right on course.  i guess i assumed that no matter where you were driving to in our great country that you would take an interstate.  yes, i've driven plenty of times on 2 lane highways, but nothing like this.  i think i can honestly say that this was the most scenic drive i have ever been on.  and i don't mean plam trees and ocean kind of scenic.  this was real life scenic.  little towns in the depths of poverty, uniquely decorated trailers, gas stations with only one pump (the kind where the numbers roll over), freshly launered clothes hanging over barbed wire fences, the tiniest of post offices, flags that reminded you that you were in the south, my personal favorite the dreamland motel and churches…lots of churches.

i wondered about every person i saw sitting on their front porch.  did they have any children where did they work way out here?  which church that we had just passed did they attend? i created a story for each one of them and each one of them did something for me.  they made me 

count my blessings.

i was so disappointed that i didn't have my camera up front with me.  i knew i would probably never be 

on this drive again and was sad that i couldn't capture what i saw.      

you can imagine my excitement when i found out that our drive from hilton head back home would take us on that very same 2 lane highway.  this time i was prepared.  with my camera in hand the entire drive home i managed to catch a few snippets of this amazing scenery. 

if you notice a spec on any of the pictures, it's not your computer but rather a bug that was on our windshield.  all of these were shot on the go through the window of the car and i can say with certainty that we were not going the speed limit.   



Vaca-11-2 Vaca-12-2











Vaca-34 Vaca-30



Vaca-18 Vaca-23



much love,

mama a

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  1. JaymeO says:

    I think you may have found your new career. Your photos are amazing!

  2. Sara T says:

    I agree with Jayme O – I can’t believe these were taken from your car window while you were driving!

  3. Melissa says:

    Welcome to Wewa…. ;)

  4. These are amazing! I would have been yelling at my husband to slow down…

  5. Angie B. says:

    jamie – nice shootin’ tex!!! is that a wanna be “mean green”
    oh, i miss that truck!! and you drove it so well :)

  6. Jamie says:

    angie, i took that picture just because it reminded me of mean green! oh how i loved that truck (and it’s holes in the floor)! is it still around anywhere?

  7. Angie B. says:

    umm…i hate to say it but mean green IS still around. She now lives up at Big D Ranch. i believe she is permanetly parked behind the shed. my nephwews have made several attempts to get her running..couple were successful:) on the visor where we wrote our names in “dust” …still there.

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