monday, september 14

we are back in georgia and getting settled back into real life.  adali is sleeping so i will take over where she left off in documenting our time in hilton head.  we had such an amazing time.  the island was crowded from saturday through monday for the holiday but on monday evening it was like everyone vanished into thin air.  all of a sudden if felt as if we had the entire island to ourselves.  

this was our first time visiting hilton head and as we drove in, i instantly fell in love.  from the abundance of moss filled trees to the winding bike paths and the beautiful golf courses that line the coast…it had me at hello.  and to top it off we had seven days of beautiful weather.  you know you are taking a chance when you schedule a trip so late in the season and the week before we left it looked as if we would be doomed with an entire week of rain from tropical storm erica.  however, erica knew i had big plans so she decided to head elsewhere leaving us with sun-filled days to do with what we pleased.  

i hope my fondness for hilton head was reciprocated, because i can guarantee we will be back.  



Vaca-35 Vaca-28





Vaca-34 Vaca-6




Vaca-11 thank you nana and papa for such a great time!  we love you and miss you already.

the a gang

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  1. Sara T says:

    That family picture of you guys is great! Love Adali’s expression and glad to see your mom and dad made the cut on the pictures – also an excellent picture with their favorite grandchild!! :-) (Hi Mrs. Schwerman!!)

  2. Jennifer Teegarden MD says:


    So glad to read that you had a wonderful vacation! Your pics are fabulous and Adali looks like she enjoys being photographed! I hope the “vacation feeling” stays for awhile and you have a great week!


  3. Jamie says:


    quit sucking up to my mom…you’re already her favorite…

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