thursday, september 19

today's episode is brought to you by the letters "n" and "o." 


adali being another month older (on 9/8 to be exact) meant a trip to the pediatrician's office this week.  i had been given a suggestion for a great pediatrician in the area and was fortunate to get adali in as a new patient.  i respected our pediatrician in st. louis very much but realize that there are many qualified pediatricians out there to entrust adali's care to so i wasn't all that nervous about having to see someone new.  plus, her st. louis pediatrician will be faxed notes from our visits here in the case that we could possibly end up back in st. louis.  so, i suppose i can look at her care as a team effort for the time being.  

this was also one of the few medical appointments that adali has had that jastin did not meet us for which means that there were no immediate medical issues that needed to be discussed by all of us.  can i get a woot woot.  dr. n took a history of adali's medical issues thus far.  this was the part that i was actually nervous about.  i understand it needs to be done but i wasn't crazy about having to delve back into suppressed memories.  i was quickly put at ease seeing that he was asking pertinent, high level questions without making me go into details that would have zero bearing on adali's current health.  phew.  dr. n was great with adali and she had nothing but smiles for him.  

he agreed with her previous pediatrician in that she is right on track developmentally….and that she is a peanut.  she weighed in at 18 pounds 13 ounces…obviously still not on the growth charts.  her length was 29.75 inches which puts her in the 5%.  i think the nurse made a mistake in telling us that she was in the 25% in height at her 15 month well-check.  she has gained exactly 1 pound since her last weigh in 3 months ago.  i'm good with this as she is still on her own growth curve and is still eating well.  

she received her scheduled vaccines as well as the annual flu vaccine which is highly recommended for her.  we will consult with dr. n in a few weeks to discuss whether there is a need for her to receive the h1n1 vaccine.  the answer will most likely be yes and jastin and i are both fine with this.  

we have also decided to take adali to a pediatric opthamologist sometime in the next few months to have her left eye looked at again.  she was seen at 12 months for her eye and it was decided that she did not have a deviation and that her eye looked like it was going in due to extra skin near her nose.  by 15 months we didn't notice her eye going in anymore but lately it seems to both of us that it looks to be going in toward her nose more and more.  here is a good example.  


(click on this link to see it more clearly)

so since she is at increased risk of deviation and other eye issues because of her prematurity we decided to err on the side caution and have her seen again.

developmentally she is great.  she loves everything about books.  she loves when someone reads them to her but she also loves to read them to herself, turning the pages back and forth and babbling about what is taking place on the pages.  speaking of babbling…she has really picked this up in the last week.  she is constantly "talking" about something to someone…i just don't know what either are.  she likes for you to ask her where certain things are in her books so she can find them and point them out.  she loves to do puzzles and has mastered all of her animals and what noises they make.  we are currently working on her shapes and colors and i don't think it will be long before she has them down.  she loves to play pretend.  she pretends to put on her makeup…or my makeup.  she pretends to be mama to her babies.  she pretends to go to the store.  all things pretend she must have gotten from her jastin because as he reminds me every day, i have zero imagination…i don't disagree.  she loves to carry a purse around with odds and ends in it.  she tries to put her shoes on, or my shoes, or jastin's shoes…she has a shoe obsession and that she gets from me.  overall, when she is good she is really good but when she is bad….well that's a different story. 

she is testing her boundaries more and more every day.  i knew vacation would throw her all out of whack because she would go from having a constant audience around my family and then "poof" i would be her only audience again once we were home.  she was out of her mind crazy the day we got back from vacation.  it was by far the orneriest she has been…ever!  each day we have been back home has gotten better but she is still ornery from sun up to sun down.  she's transitioned from princess to queen of whine.  she whines when she wants something and throws tantrums when she doesn't get her way.  i think she's finally understanding that i have no interest in any of it as i just walk away and ignore her until she wants to be civil again.  she has also started the fake cry…like so blatantly fake she's smiling as she does it.  and the best was a few nights ago when she was crying (actual tears this time) and jastin and i look over and she is squinting her eyes and mesmerized by how distorted the image is through her tears.  and then, just like that she forgot what she was even upset about and started cracking herself up.  i've stopped using the word "no" because it means nothing to her and simply eggs her on.  example – she will take a bite of food and then spit it out on the floor, i will tell her no and she looks at me, smile, puts another bite of food in her mouth and of course spits it out.  "no" is a game to her…and one i refuse to play any longer.  

don't get me wrong she is still a sweetheart and listens to directions very well most of the time.  and i understand that this is just the beginning of toddler orneriness, but can i place an order for more sweetheart and less sass please? 

much love,

mama a  

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  1. Jacki says:

    Hi – I’m a mom of 3 kids – my first, Grace, was born 8 weeks premature. She is now a beautiful, healthy 10 year old. The reason I decided to write to you today (I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now) is because our daughters have many similiarities :) Grace was on her own growth curve for many years. When she finally hit the 3 percentile we celebrated. Feeding her was very stressful as she was a slow eater (not picky mind you) but she took so long that she filled up faster. She wasn’t as on target as Adali with large motor skills (Grace didn’t walk until she was 14 mos) but everything else fell into place on time. She is still petite but finally on the growth chart. At 10 yo she is just kissing the 10% for weight and the 35% for height. And she is perfect. The reason I was inspired to write though is because Grace’s eyes started turning around 18 mos. old. At first I didn’t notice it but one of the doctors in her ped. group did. I got an appt. scheduled with a ped. opthamologist and between then and the appt. her eyes noticeably started turning. At age 2 she had surgery to correct her strabismus (crossing eyes) and now she wears glasses to continue to help correct it. She hates wearing them but hopefully it won’t be for too much longer. Anyway, you are such a good mom and seem to be very well informed about preemies. I wasn’t as well informed and felt like I was flying by the seat of my pants at times but she turned out pretty good ; ) I just love your stories of Adali and it warms my heart to see another beautiful little girl like my daughter (sorry about my bragging!). I’m sure your blog touches many parents of preemies and gives them a lot of insight and inspiration. I am so thankful that those days of journaling every morsel and stressing over weigh ins are behind us. You too will have that to look forward to, but for now, enjoy your little one and all that goes with it! God Bless, Jacki

  2. michelle stokes says:

    I feel terrible even making this comparison, however when my cat was little she had a similar issue with her eye being sort of inward. Like the whole eye was off centered, but she would grow and it would look normal for a while, then slowly we would notice it moving back toward her nose, then she would grow. Now that she is three and fully grown, it’s all normal and in place. So the only thing I could figure was when it started to move toward the bridge of her nose, she was growing the excess skin and bone, then she would grow into it and it would fix its self. So hopefully when she sees the eye doctor, there is only good news about her eye and she’ll out grow it.

    Anywho, I am so glad that Adali is doing fantastic and ornery as ever, while it’s frustrating at times, this age is the only age it’s cute. :) When they get to be 9 and 10, it’s not so cute anymore. Speaking of which, do you want two more girls, they could be big sisters to Adali..? :)

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