thursday, september 10

…to quit kissing boys.  and because she didn't listen, she isn't feeling so hot.  jastin and i were up most of the night with a sick baby.  this is the first time she has been sick (because of natural reasons) since she was born.  i'm not sure if she's pregnant(i kid), ate something bad or has a stomach bug, but none of which i hope are contagious.  we had a "muggin' session" last night before she went to bed and if it is contagious i'm bound to end up in bed soon with her. 

Sick sollage    

i have to admit that i enjoyed rocking her to sleep with the moon peering in the window and the sound of the ocean lulling us both into wonderland, but it breaks my heart to see her feeling so lousy when she is supposed to be having fun and being ornery while on vacation. 

here's to hoping she bounces back soon…

mama a

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  1. Sara T says:

    oh no…….. sick during vacation shouldn’t be allowed!
    Hoping it was a quick – non contagious bug!

    Good Luck!

  2. Melissa says:

    Feel better Adali! The ocean makes everything better :)

  3. awww bummer! ditto on what sara said…

  4. sweeney says:

    totally sucks to be sick on vacay. here’s to wishing that you get well soon and that it’s not contagious!

    conner is battling something too, and we leave for Cali on saturday! this could get ugly…


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