wednesday, september 2

recently adali started to say her own name (plus an "l" at the beginning).  we realized she understood that was her name and could say it one day when one of us simply asked "where's adali?"  she promptly pointed to herself and shouted "ladali!"  

as, i'm sure you noticed, she will also point to herself and say "mama."  this started when we were trying to get her to say it in reference to me and i would point to myself and say "mama" so naturally she did the same. 

where the recent screaming came from, i have no idea.

since we now live so far away from family we try to show adali pictures of everyone to remind her of all of you back home.  we know she misses all of you guys because she will want to look at your pictures all the time and repeat your names over and over and over again.  we miss you too!    

much love,

mama a  

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  1. Sara T says:

    Can she get any cuter? Seriously!
    Love the video – you are really good at those!
    Oh and if I were Aunt Lizzie (Lindsey) I would have quite the big head right now! :-) Too Cute!

  2. sweeney says:

    too cute. she’s getting so big. aunt sissy must’ve LOVED this post / video! good for her!


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