tuesday, september 29

we had big plans for the weekend.  atlanta was calling our name for a weekend away to explore and do a bit of celebrating.

Mama bday-3

one small detail got in our way…the sickness.  adali came down with what we now know is the flu on wednesday and lasted all the way through sunday.  ick.  what's that you say…you thought she had the flu shot at her 18 month well-check?  well, she did.  apparently the flu shot takes approximately 10 days before it is effective.  adali came down with the sickness on day 8.  awesome.  

we still did plenty of celebrating we just had to sprinkle a little doctoring in there too.  

Mama bday-2

jastin managed to surprise me (which is hard to do) and had my parents show up banging on our front door on friday night.  it was fun to have them here to celebrate with us.  

adali is finally getting back to her old self (which is honestly the best gift of all) and just as importantly getting her appetite back.  i am thankful we managed to keep her hydrated enough that we did not end up in the emergency room over the weekend but we were thisclose.  she did lose some weight, but hopefully over the next few weeks and can get her back up to where she should be.  after living through the wrath of this years flu, i can attest (along with our pediatrician in st. louis) that it is a doozy.  it wants to hang on for a long time so just when you think you are over it, it comes back and unleashes it's fury yet again.  i just hope that we are finally over it and that it doesn't spread any further through our home. update – i think it might be too late for jastin.  sigh.  

a big thank you to jastin and my parents for making my birthday a very special one…sick baby and all.  

Mama bday

much love,

mama a

ps…a big thank you to all of you for the kind birthday wishes.  it was nice to read all of the comments over the weekend…a little "pick-me-up" if you will.  




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