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 as i was perusing one of the recent parents magazine, i came across an article that fuels my curiosity regarding baby names.  i find it fascinating at just how big a business baby names are; with books, websites, quizzes, guides and much more at your fingertips to make what is considered a very important decision.  baby naming is also big business personally for parents trying to come up with the perfect "title" for their bundle of joy.  there's pressure in naming your mini me.  ya know…you have to think about whether the child will grow up to like the name you gave them (i am of the mindset that not enough parents have thought this one through).  you worry if they will be able to say their name, spell their name and most importantly where it will place your child in the recess line at school.  personally i think we did pretty darn good with the last one…adali antisdel…who could possibly come in front of her?

once you have chosen a name you have to decide whether you will tell other people the name.  i feel compelled to interject my opinion on this one and say that you shouldn't tell…that is unless you want to hear people's opinions on it.  "ohhh there was a girl in my class named veronica and she was uuugly."  "you're going to name her what?  how do you spell that?"  "ummm, are you sure you have thought that through enough?"  or better yet, there's always the silent, blank stare when you finally burst out the name with excitement.  just trust me on this one; once you have had the baby and you say the name everybody will think it's cute, because well, they think the baby is cute.  

so here is what parents magazine listed as the top 10 boy and girl names from last year (2008):

girls: boys:

Isabella Aiden

Eva     Jayden

Emily Jacob

Elizabeth Michael

Abigail Ethan

Madison Caden

Emma James

Addison Caleb

Madeline Andrew

Olivia Matthew    

And here are parents magazine's guesses at the top names for 2009:

Mattie, Charlotte, Kate, Isabel, Aubrey, Sophia, Isabella, Olivia, Eleanor, and Avery are their top picks for baby girls. And Eli, Connor, Holden, Marcus, Simon, Parker, Miller, Liam, Jacob, and Harrison scored big for baby boys.    

so, taking all of this in, i have a few questions for you.  how did you come up with (or how will you come up with the name if you don't have any children yet) your baby names?  were they named after biblical names?  celebrity names?  family names?  a place you traveled to?  a street sign?  did you find the name in a book?  on the web?  from a quiz?  

are you still happy with the name(s) you chose?  and most importantly where does your child's name put them in the recess line?  anyone have a name that would get ahead of adali antisdel?  

i have written before on how we chose add-uh-lie but i will share it again for the sake of this post.  we were (i was) driving to kansas 2 years ago for christmas and jastin was bored so he started to look up baby names on his phone.  we already knew it was a girl from a high level ultrasound i had just gotten because of a concern over her heart, so our search was pretty focused.  he started on the "a" names and read down the list.  when he got to adeline i made him stop.  I liked the "oldness" of the name but wasn't crazy about how long it was and said "what about adali?"  it went to the top of the list along with one other girl name which i will not mention in case i ever get the crazy idea to go through this again and we have another girl.  after re-reading how we came to the name adali, it makes it seem so easy.  it wasn't.  i went through quite a few names for both girls and boys that i liked with jastin before we ever knew the sex and he shot every single one down before i could even say why it was that i liked it.  he would interject (rudely) "no, i had a patient with that name and they had ear infections all the time."  or "i had a patient with that name that had half of their face covered in pus."  ummm thanks honey, now every time i see a person with that name i will shiver with disgust.  

we were originally going to spell add-uh-lie's name adeli but when we heard that our niece, Kessa, said that she couldn't wait to meet uh-dell-ee we promptly changed it.  people still commonly mispronounce it but it doesn't bother us.  we figure she is going to have to pronounce her last name in school anyway so it won't be a big deal for her to have to pronounce her first name as well.

we were undecided on her middle name.  it was between grace and a family name and we had not made up our mind until jastin leaned over and whispered that her middle name should be grace right before i was wheeled back to the or.  grace it was.  

we were "those" parents that swore we weren't going to tell anyone her name until after she was born and then broke under pressure and started to tell people.  we either got the blank stare or "what will her name be again?"  or "that's a pretty name" when their face is clearly saying that is the craziest name i have ever heard…the poor child.    

i am still very happy with our choice of both her first and middle name.  i'm sure there are more than a few people out there that think it's a crazy name but who cares.  she clearly loves it as is obvious by the huge grin on her face when she announces it over and over again (remember this video).  if you look up the meaning of adali you will find 2; god is my refuge or noble one.  since i stumbled upon the meanings of her name, i have wondered how exactly these meanings are arrived at.  have you noticed that all of the meanings are so romantic.  have you ever seen a meaning say something like; the one that smells or born from the devil.  i suppose it's better that way because then everyone would have biblical names and while i absolutely love biblical names how boring would it be if there were not thousands of jebediah's but millions of them running around.  variety is good when it comes to names.  if you look at the popularity trend for the name adali is remains steady at zero which brings up another question…do you get annoyed if someone you know chooses the same name you did for your baby?

much love,

mama a  


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  1. Dana Schwerman says:

    Hey Jamie- I read your posts everyday, but never get around to commenting because I read them through RSS feed on my blog. Sad excuse I know!

    Anyway, love your posts and especially love all the great photos of that sweet little girl.

    We came across Ella’s first name in a baby book and it was also on our short list. We had several first names we liked, but we wanted to keep it short with Schwerman as a last name! Her middle name Riley was chosen because it tied both Darrell and I to Charleston which is where we met and where she was born. We wanted her to have something Charlestonian in her name. Riley is the from the name of the baseball field there, and the site of one our first few dates.

    I was also going to mention to you that Ella wears glasses for accomodative estropia, which is an eye condition related to farsightedness which I first detected when one of her eyes started to drift toward the bridge of her nose when working on things close up. Hope all goes well with Adali’s appt@

  2. Oscar says:

    Jamie, You’re cracking me up! People do always have comments about names. Lourdes Joli is our first, and we chose Lourdes because Oscar and I both really love the name and his father’s close aunt was named Lourdes. And Joli is french for pretty. We were suprised by her sex so we had an Irish name for a boy and Latin name for a gal, many of my family were hoping for the irish name. And Lourdes means “cragg slope” yea, not so romantic…though it is the location in France where the Virgin Mary was seen by the two young kids.

    Fiona Helena came about because we both loved the name Fiona, and Helena is a combination of both our grandmothers, mine- Helen and Oscar’s- Elena. We liked have a family element to each.

  3. Oscar says:

    “craggy slope” not cragg…woops

  4. This is a topic I LOVE! And I’ve posted about it before, so I hope you don’t mind me including the link b/c I’m too tired to type out my answers for the boys’ names: link to heresthediehl.wordpress.com

    Like you, I think that waaay too many people don’t think about how a name will age with their child or how they might be teased. While it was frustrating while choosing names with Matt for all three, it was a good idea to run through why we hated one or another or what kids might call him.

    And, even though I have this rule about naming our kids with a long name that can be shortened if we/they choose, Bennett has definitely chosen to be called Bennett. He might not even answer to Ben (unless you call him Ben Kenobi) or he might glare at you or growl. So we call him Bennett. :)

  5. Chrystal says:

    Gosh, I worried about a name for so long! I had so many rules…it couldn’t end in K, start with a C or K, etc…

    Finally, the night before Jay left for engineer training, he told me he liked Aidan. I thought about it for the entire three weeks he was gone. When he returned, I was excited to tell him that I to loved Aidan. “I’ve decided I really like Aidan!” To which he said, “Aidan? I said I liked Austin.” And that was that. Austin Jay was born a few short months later…

    I still sometimes think about a little Aidan or even a Liam, but at the same time I know that Austin is SO not an Aidan or Liam. Isn’t that funny how that works?

    I already worry about a name for babe #2. Do we stick with an A name? Do we do something a little more trendy? A little more traditional? Maybe stick with a vowel? I guess maybe we should decide on when baby #2 is coming, rather then what his or her name will be!

    Fun post!

  6. Rebecca Bruggers says:

    I loved the names Judah and Isaiah for boys… Seth told me that we cold NOT have a son with a name that ended in “H”. Ummm… honey… your name ends in h…

  7. Sara T says:

    Abigail Marie was picked out by Jason – We were going through names – my favorites were Isabell (grandma) Joesphine (great aunt) Teresa (she would have been called Tess)- i was convinced I was having a boy (we didn’t find out – just gut feeling… which was wrong) So i said Jacob Lee for a boy, Jason said okay you picked the boys name I like Abigail Marie for a girl – and that was it. I didn’t realize at the time it is like the MOST popular girls name right now for like the last 5 years – and how many of them there are around…. but oh well. Also since Jason won’t be reading this – Abigail was like LAST on my list of names – but i just KNEW I was having a boy so it didn’t matter and I was just humoring him…. opps. I still remeber before making the first phone call to announce Abby’s arrival trying to convince Jason to pick a different name – but I kept it to myself! :-)
    Katherine Marie was my choice and she was not named until she was an hour or so old. Again we went in thinking it was a boy (again just another gut feeling gone wrong) and still had Jacob Lee picked out for a boy and had about 5 girls names picked out – including Ann Marie. After Kate was born it was down to Ann and Kate and I was going back and forth – my OB suggested Dawn as he was sewing me back up – He said you know because she was born at Dawn… I just smiled and said – no thanks doc!
    My best friend had just named her daughter Anna 6 weeks prior – so I decided to save Ann Marie for my 3rd daughter! :-) After we named Katie we found out that she was born on my Aunt Cathy’s birthday – so it worked out kind of neat that way. Also found out after we named her that, yet again, I picked a very popular name for my child…. that part I don’t care for – but it just so happens that the names I like are pretty popular!

    (Marie is a family name – My sisters and nieces are Kristine Marie, Angela Maria, Jill Marie, Sara Marie, Megan Marie, Emma Marie, Jessica Marie, Maria Ann, Margret Marie, Jamie Ann Marie, Jennifer Marie.)

    Wow that was a long comment!

  8. sweeney says:

    wow! lots of comments. and all great stories of how they named their baby(ies)!

    lets see, how did we name Addi. well, there was a male executive here at Dent Wizard his name was Addison. i thought it was an awesome name. brought it past Justin and he totally LOVED it. so Addi’s name was pretty easy. Addison Danielle Sweeney or ADS or Bubba for short. Danielle beign my sister’s name.

    how did we get Bubba?!?! well when we got preggers we obviously didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl so we kept calling it “baby”. when we found out it was a girl we called it “babe-uh” made it a girly baby :) and then when she was born “babe-uh” somehow turned into Bubba!

    Conner – now that was a tough nameing game. boys names are soooo freaking hard. i really LOVED Harrison…but he would have been called Harry Weeney for sure (thanks for an awesome last name pawpaw Don). i also kind of wanted to keep it “A” since addi was obviously an “A” but we knew we were going to use Sean as a middle name after Justin’s brother’s first name. so should we use an A name for a first name his initials would ASS. Really! don’t thing that was too nice. i also really really like Jackson / Jack. sounded like Addison. but justin said he hated it! then i saw the movie “in the land of women” and fell in love with the main character Carter. so i asked justin and my dad and both guys said it was a girl’s name. then i said well how about Conner. it’s close enough to Carter but more boyish and both guys said YES!

    the day of Conner’s birth i HATED his name…Conner Sean Sweeney. EVERYONE said how irish it was. guess what…WE’RE NOT IRISH! we’re german and italian. so i was crying all morning the morning of my induction for a different name. no one would help me. they all liked Conner. and before we knew it…he was born…and well, Conner Sean it was.

    i love both the kid’s names. weather their popular or not (which both seem to be…which is okay i guess) both kid’s name fit them perfectly! i can’t imagine them being anything else :)

    Michelle Marie Maul (michelle – hot girl my parent’s went to school with, marie – my mom’s middle name)
    Justin Michael Sweeney (justin – justice, sherri was a hippy, michael – she just liked it)
    Addison Danielle Sweeney
    Conner Sean Sweeney

  9. Liv C. says:

    This is such a fun topic! When we named our first, I was adamant that I wanted to honor my Mom’s Irish/Welsh heritage, but so many of the names we ran across seemed like they were a little too much for here in the states. We finally stumbled across Teagan in a name book, and it just felt like her. Her middle name was a combination of Greg’s birth Mom and his step Mom who raised him (Ellen + Sherry), but I added an O because I liked it. So she was born Teagan Ellory Cugier.

    The issue has been finding another girl name that is along the same lines. I have been happy to share the names we are thinking about with others just so we can get some constructive feedback, and hopefully come up with something before this poor baby is born in a few weeks. We have been throwing around the name Keleigh, pronounced Kee-lee, but I have no idea how to spell it to convey the pronunciation. Any feedback would be very helpful and much appreciated.

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