adventures of me and kitty

thursday, october 29 since mama has been showing you my adventures with kitty on her twitter page, i thought i would tell you about our adventure today. first, kitty got to see me hang on the bars and jump in the big foam pit at gymnastics then she got to go with me and mama [ Continue Reading ... ]

State fair-15

wednesday, october 28 …can only mean one thing…the state fair!  my bapa and gaga were in town a few weekends ago and we decided it would be fun to check out the georgia-carolina state fair.  i guess it's not really the official georgia state fair but it was still a rockin good time.    seriously, [ Continue Reading ... ]

Twist tie-3

tuesday, october 27 on saturday mornings, jastin volunteers to get up with adali so i can sleep in a bit.  he feeds her breakfast, plays dollies with her and makes sure she is dressed for the day.  i always take great delight in seeing what crazy outfit he has picked out for her that day. [ Continue Reading ... ]


monday, october 26 setting the scene – i was making dinner the other night and i turned around to get something out of the fridge.  this is the conversation that followed… me: uhhh what do you think you are doing? pause and silence me: adali, what on earth are you doing in the refrigerator? pause, [ Continue Reading ... ]


thursday, october 22  bubbly hippos to her bubbly nose.              never come between a girl and her bath…ahem, and her pink hippos. much love, mama a

Jeans collage

Updated – Thursday, October 22 Hours after Aislin appeared on TODAY Wednesday along with her parents, their proposed insurer, United HealthCare, issued a statement saying, “As part of our standard appeals process, we undertook additional review of Aislin Bates’ medical records and determined, in fact, we can offer her health insurance coverage.” huh, interesting considering [ Continue Reading ... ]