thursday, october 29

since mama has been showing you my adventures with kitty on her twitter page, i thought i would tell you about our adventure today. first, kitty got to see me hang on the bars and jump in the big foam pit at gymnastics then she got to go with me and mama to the apple store so mama could get her "puter" fixed. she said it had a hitch in it's giddy-up so i am using her phone right now to type. when we got there i showed kitty the fun little kids "puter" they have. i showed her how to draw and how you use the keyboard to make these really long beeping noises when you push on them long enough. all of the boys there kept saying how cute i was and i didn't want kitty to get sad so i told her she was cute too. well i better get ready for my nap…gymnastics really wears me out! 

 love and fairy dust, 

 miss adali grace and kitty

adventures of me and kitty

adventures of me and kitty

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