tuesday, october 13


i am definitely knocking on wood as i type this but i think adali is back in business.  she has been fighting off various viruses for the last 3 weeks, but she finally seems like the good old ornery adali i love…ya know the one who does exactly what i tell her not to do, all with a little grin, just to get a rise out of me.  and most importantly her appetite seems to finally be back.  we have some catching up to do in the weight department, but as long as she stays healthy we should get her back up there soon (again knocking on wood as i type).  i feel very fortunate that we were able to get through both viruses without any trips to the doctor or er where we could potentially pick up other viruses.  it also showed me that she is "healthy" enough to fight off a virus on her own.  something that i wasn't paranoid about but was certainly sitting in the back of my mind as we tiptoed through the minefield of germs this season.      

in other adali news, she has been so funny to watch the past few days as she has started to feel better.  her personality continues to shine and i love watching her grow up.  she has been attending kindermusik for several weeks now and she absolutely loves it.  after the first week of her paying more attention to the toys at the preschool than the instructor and music, i was a little worried that she wasn't going to get much out of it.  but, she has latched on to it and loves to redo the activities throughout the week.  she remembers all of the songs and the little skits that go along with them.  her class is on saturday's which means that jastin gets to come to the class with us and see things she does throughout the week that he might miss.  seeing that she is getting so much out of it, i hope to find something similar when the class ends next month.  

she has also been playing a lot of house lately with all of her stuffed animals and babies.  she rocks them, feeds them, swaddles them, takes them for walks and will even shake her finger at them when they get out of line.  she loves to load her purse up with anything around her, put her baby in her little wagon and walk around the house waving as she says bye-bye over and over.  it cracks me up to watch her imagination at work.    


the best personality trait that i have seen from adali recently is her loviness.  she has been such a little love bug lately and it melts my heart and brings the biggest smile to my face.  just this morning she came up to me and said "mama" and laid her head on my shoulder and gave me a big hug while she patted my back.  she loves to cuddle in the morning after she wakes up and even likes for me to rock her for a little bit before she goes to bed.  it's times like this that i am thrilled i get to stay home with her and watch her change into a beautiful little girl.

speaking of beautiful little girl, my mom would kill me if i didn't mention that i entered adali in the gap casting call.  


my mother is convinced that adali should and will win.  of course i think she is beautiful, but i am a bit more realistic on her chances of winning just by seeing the sheer volume of entries so far.  however, if you think adali deserves a fan favorite vote you can go here to place a vote for her.  you will need to register (i know it's annoying to have to register) and then in the search entries field type "schwerjb."  that is where you can place your vote.  you can vote once a day between now and november 17.  if nothing else, by registering you get a 20% off coupon for gap.  and who doesn't love a good coupon these days?

oh, and if you have little ones entered in the casting call, let me know…i would love to place a vote for them!  

much love,

mama a           

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  1. just voted for adali on the casting call! :)

    my boys are all on there too: diehl99 will get you to all of my entries.

    glad she seems to be feeling better!

  2. Sara T says:

    Adorable pictures! Glad to hear she is back to healthy – sick sucks!
    Love her headband!

  3. Sara T says:

    PS – I just gave a blood and urine sample and I think agreed to turn over my rights to my 3rd born child to gap and disney so that I would be able to vote for fan favorite in the photo contest…. :-)
    Then after I got registered I wanted to see what kind of competition miss Adali was up against….. and i sorted by most votes… the top girl has over 17000 votes……….WTH???? who knows that many people to vote for your child (who is cute but isn’t THAT cute – i mean compared to our kids! ;-) )
    that absoultely BLEW ME AWAY! wow.

  4. Jamie says:

    sara, isn’t that nuts! and that same girl had 14,000 this afternoon so she gained 3,000 in a matter of just a few hours! i think her dad is a computer whiz and rigged the competition. i’m clearly not asking for votes to win the prize but i figured adali’s ego would be boosted a bit to get a few votes. ;) now that you have signed away your rights to your third child, you should enter katie and abby.

  5. Mandy says:

    Hey Jamie! I just casted my vote for Adali…such a cutie! You could return the favor and vote for Nolan ;) abncurry246
    I, too, am being much more realistic about this than my mom and mother-in-law, but that’s okay, it’s still fun!

    Glad to hear she’s feeling better! My classroom has been flooded with flu and viruses which I’m praying to not bring home to Nolan! I had 6 kids out of 21 a couple weeks ago! Yesterday, our whole elementary school had 86 kids absent! Tis the season, but I’m so happy our children our healthy enough to fight it off like you said!

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