friday, october 16

a story in pictures by adali grace…

 Pumpkin patch-53

last weekend mama and daddy decided to take me to the pumpkin patch.  since we haven't been here long, we don't know the best pumpkin patch in the area but mama searched online and after we found one we thought would be good, we headed out the door.  the pumpkin patch happened to be on a 500 acre animal rehabilitation and education farm…it was clear by mama's face when we pulled up that she wasn't aware of this fact when we left the house.  but, whatever…as long as it had pumpkins we would come away with an accomplished mission.  we arrived with a little bit of time to see the animals and venture through the hay maze before the last hayride of the day.

they had lots of animals but i think the peacock and the goats were my favorite.  when i would "baaaa" at the goats they would all come over and "baaaaaa" right back at me.  they were so funny.  and there was a rooster that kept pecking at them and ducks and even a cow.  oh yeah and llama's and tigers and spiders and little baby piglets.  wow, i forgot how many animals there were.   

 Pumpkin patch-6

Pumpkin patch-15 Pumpkin patch-21  

 Pumpkin patch-2 

Pumpkin patch-3

 Pumpkin patch-10 

we had fun running through the hay maze too.  we stomped and stomped until we found the end.  

when it was time, we loaded on the hayride (which had no hay i might add) and the owner of the ranch explained to us that he has 3000 animals that they have taken in and his favorites were his horses.  he drove us out to the most beautiful field and stopped and the horses came right over to our hayride and i got to pet them.  they were so pretty…

 Pumpkin patch-32

 Pumpkin patch-46 

Pumpkin patch-34    Pumpkin patch-39

 Pumpkin patch-40 

it was then time to go searching for the perfect pumpkin.  

 Pumpkin patch-54 

Pumpkin patch-56 Pumpkin patch-58

by the look of mama's pictures you would think that there were vast fields of pumpkins all around.  uhhhh, not so much.  this is what the field really looked like…

 Pumpkin patch-62

sad isn't it?  apparently, when hunting season begins all of the deer come to the protected land and feast on the pumpkin and watermelon plants.  good for the deer…bad for people who want to pick the perfect pumpkin.  anyway, we still managed to pick a few perfect pumpkins that even charlie brown would be proud of.

 Pumpkin patch-59

i had such a fun time and can't wait to help mama and daddy carve the pumpkins.  mama said that we have more fun things planned for this weekend.  so exciting!  i promise to come back and tell you all about them next week.  until then, hope you have a fun weekend, no matter what you do.

love and fairy dust,

 Pumpkin patch-7
 miss adali grace   


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  1. Rebecca Bruggers says:

    SO funny! Your pictures (amazing as always) make it look like the most fabulous pumpkin patch around until you get to the barren field picture. Hilarious.
    I can’t believe Adali is in a sundress. We took the twins to get pumpkins today and they were bundled up in hats and hoodies. It’s COLD!

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