wednesday, october 28

…can only mean one thing…the state fair!  my bapa and gaga were in town a few weekends ago and we decided it would be fun to check out the georgia-carolina state fair.  i guess it's not really the official georgia state fair but it was still a rockin good time.

 State fair-15

 seriously, who knew there was so much fun in one little spot.  i couldn't stop staring at everything as we walked by.

 State fair

 State fair-8

State fair-11  State fair-10  

i got to eat funnel cake and cotton candy as we watched the crazy circus show…

 State fair-17 

…they had these little miniature horses and a camel and even tigers.

State fair-18 State fair-21

after we saw the dog walk on the high wire we then headed to the 4-h barn to see the huge piggies.  bapa and i thought the piggies were hilarious with all of their oinking and stuff.  when i got home, i told my piggy that he better not oink like that or i would have to hide him in the closet.  i think he got the message.

State fair-22  State fair-23  

next, i got to ride the carousel with mama.  this was the prettiest carousel i have ever ridden on and i loved the horse mama picked for me.

 State fair-29

 State fair-26

mama let me run around to blow off some steam and warm up a little.  it sure was a chilly night here in georgia…but the pretty sunset made up for it.

State fair-33

  State fair-32



 State fair-2-2

thank you, bapa and gaga for going with me to the fair.  i had so much fun.

ps…you like my hat?  it's this one, remember?   mama promised she would show it to you when it was chilly enough for me to wear it.  i thought i looked pretty snazzy in it myself.    

love and fairy dust,

miss adali grace


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