monday, october 5



last friday jastin and i left georgia for the american academy of otolaryngology and head and neck surgery conference in san diego. i am giving a presentation later today on the effect of microporous polysaccharide hemospheres (MPH) on bleeding after endoscopic sinus surgery.  ok,ok, you're right…i'm really just going to explore the area this afternoon, but at least i know that if i get a runny nose while i'm here that i'm in good hands!  

our trip started out a little rough when on the nearly 5 hour flight out here we quickly realized that jastin was not, in fact, over his recent bout of flu.  which meant a very romantic room overlooking san diego with double beds and me holding my breath and spraying disinfectant over his half of the room every 15 minutes.

yesterday he felt much better and since he didn't have anything he needed to attend in the afternoon we decided to walk down and catch a san diego padres game.  even though, i would have much rather been watching the cardinals at busch stadium, we still had a blast.

it has been nice to get away from georgia for a bit but i am missing adali like crazy.  i got a call from my mom yesterday informing me that she is once again sick with a fever and a cough.  is this what it is really like to have a kid you take out in public a few times a week?  she's not even in school and has been sick 3 separate times since the beginning of september.  oye!    thankfully i have managed to avoid the bombardment of germs from both adali and jastin and hope not to jinx myself by simply stating this fact.  

well, san diego calls and i must answer.  

adali, if you are reading this (because you are a genius), i miss you so much and can't wait to see you in a few days.  

much love,

mama a 

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  1. Sara T says:

    FUN!! Good picture of you two!
    And last year – September – MAY – the girls were sick AT LEAST 1 week PER MONTH! it was a LONG LONG winter. Hoping they have built up their immunities to every stinking thing there is out there this year and we will have a better winter!
    Good Luck to you!

  2. sweeney says:

    ah (sigh)…san diego…my home away from home. be gentle to san diego, please. :)

    san diego usually has the best of the CA weather and their water / ocean is usually warmer too. enjoy! tell sandy (aka san diego) that we miss her and will see her soon.


    ps i hope jastin and adali get well soon. and i pray that you’re not (or don’t get) contaminated!

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