tuesday, october 20

red is my color, don't you think?


mama got these spiffy glasses for me because i kept trying to take my nana's glasses when she had them on.  she figured that if i had my own, i would leave everyone else's alone.  it works….sometimes.  i love to wear them around the house and look at myself in the mirror. but let's be honest, i like to look at myself in the mirror whether i have the glasses on or not.  

daddy said that if i ever need glasses that he hopes it will be this easy to get me to wear them.  as long as they are as sassy as these glasses (sparkles and all), i promise to wear them, daddy.

 Glasses collage

love and fairy dust,

miss adali grace 

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  1. Sara T says:

    That top picture needs FRAMED!!! ADORABLE!
    And where, may I ask, did all that hair come from – overnight growth!?!?! Way to go Aadali!

  2. sweeney says:

    i’m not sure why, maybe it’s the new do (hair!), but you look like such a little lady vs a baby in these pictures. OMG! when did you get to be so big?!?!? nice frames, little, ahem…big one :)


  3. Aunt Zinzie says:

    It is about time to pull out my kindergarten picture with my glasses to compare our look. I think we are twins born 25 years apart!

  4. Sonya says:

    Jamie – I agree with Sara, you have GOT to frame that top pic! That is TOO adorable!

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