wednesday, october 14

i thought my title was creative but it's not really true.  i wouldn't consider myself crafty at all.  however, i did take on a little project that i mentioned i wanted to do a few months ago.  remember this table i picked up at a children's resale shop for mere pennies compared to what i have seen it for online?  

 Adali table 

the fabric on the seats was pretty dingy and not very colorful.  i wanted to spiff them up a bit by hopefully finding a fabric that i liked that cleaned them up and added more color to them.  here is the before…

and here it is after…

my issue with doing projects like this is that i tend to be a perfectionist and the idea of me not getting something perfect often times keeps me from ever doing it in the first place.  i have to give props to my mom for pushing me to do this and reminding me that it wasn't like i was recovering a couch.  it was really easy (with her help of course) and i am very pleased with how it turned out.  


adali has had daily tea parties at her table which i think is the ultimate sign of success.

much love,

mama a      

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  1. sweeney says:

    love it!

    it looks really great! nice job james…and congrats on sticking with your word and doing it (or should i say thanks donna!). i’m the same as you, perfectionist, but mine’s not so much with crafts (i’m usually pretty crafty) mines more so with food. i HATE the fact that i may potentially screw up a meal, have to throw it away and the family ends up eating cereal instead…KILLS me. i’m soooo scared of cooking. baking though, i’m a pro!

    i should really take cooking lessons…i know justin is praying for that day. the table looks great james! maybe one day i could cook dinner and we could all eat on your table. celebrate both our accomplishments :)


  2. Sandy says:

    Too cute! I love the new fabric. I recovered 4 chairs for my dining room a few years ago – it is a nice cheap change – and really not all that hard to do.

  3. Sara T says:

    They look great and looks like next you are ready to tackle the couch!

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