monday, october 26

setting the scene - i was making dinner the other night and i turned around to get something out of the fridge.  this is the conversation that followed…

me: uhhh what do you think you are doing?

pause and silence

me: adali, what on earth are you doing in the refrigerator?

pause, silence and clearly no acknowledgement that i am indeed asking her a question

me: aaaadaaaliii, can you please tell me why you thought this would be a good idea?



adali: "pickalickalickalickalou…dinner."  which if i understood baby talk would probably translate to, "what mom…i'm just trying to figure out which of these will taste the best with my dinner.


me: can you please put them back where they belong and close the refrigerator before our power bill doubles.  thank you.

i walk into the dining room to set the table and return to see this…


she apparently thought pig wearing a diaper needed a front row seat to what was going on.  while i was in the other room she quickly took out the last of the condiments she could reach.  but, after seeing me return and thinking twice about the power bill hearing the garage door open and realizing it was only seconds before her daddy entered the room, she decided to return everything to it's rightful place and close the refrigerator as she proclaimed "there ya go." 

ahhh, so glad she listens.  

much love,

mama a

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  1. hilarious! what is it about kids and refrigerators?

  2. oh, and i love the new blog look!

  3. Sara T says:

    Love the pig got put in – did she remeber to take him out before the fridge was closed?

  4. Jamie says:


    she did remember to take piggy out of the fridge and she then took him over and taught him how to pull all of the books off of the bookshelves.

    piggy sure has learned a lot this week.

    nicole, thank you for the kind comment about the blog.


  5. Classic!
    My Maggie does the same thing, except I usually realize this as she’s pulling out the bread crumbs. I’m also relieved to see that we aren’t the only family that has diapers on our stuffed animals.

    I like the new layout too. Keep up the good work!

  6. Tiffany says:

    That is so funny! Is pig sitting next to BBQ sauce? He better be careful or he might turn into bbq pork!

  7. Sonya says:

    Hilarious story! Love this, and love the piggy in the fridge too. I especially loved that she got everything put away before Daddy came in the door :-)

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