thursday, october 1

 i've heard the stories from countless parents about their children demanding to dress themselves but nobody warned me it started this early.  adali is knocking on the door of 19 months and we had our first "i want to dress myself" situation this morning.  it was gymnastics day so before her morning nap i dressed her in her leotard and leggings which she had no issue with.  she actually loves her leotards and rubs her belly once she has it on just to prove her complete satisfaction in what you have chosen for her.  it was the shoes she chose to accompany her leotard and leggings that made me laugh.  she pulled these out of the closet insisting with multiple grunts that these were the perfect accessory to her outfit.  



now don't get me wrong, they are cute shoes, but they don't really scream leotard and leggings, plus they don't fit her at all.  she has very narrow feet and anything without a strap across the top of her foot simply doesn't fit.  but, she loves them and insisted on not only wearing them around the house before gymnastics, but also snuggled up with them in her arms while she napped, on the table with us as she ate and in her purse when she didn't have them on.  oh yeah and she even tried to convince me that they would be perfect to bathe with tonight. i won that battle but they went right back on with her pajamas.  she now has two big red spots and the beginnings of blisters in between her toes and i'm certain it will start all over again tomorrow morning.  

i realize this is pretty mild when it comes to the creativeness of some kids dressing themselves and i'm sure this is just the beginning with adali, so please…do share…what is the craziest thing your child has come out of his/her room wearing?  

much love,

mama a

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  1. Sara T says:

    Those shoes don’t go with that outfit?
    Abby and Katie thought she looked divine! :-)
    I love/loathe this stage. It is so cute to see what they come up with – but when it is time to go out in public – it can be a bit of a challenge and I usually try to smile at the other mothers with that “what can i do – she picked it out herself look” and I usually get a nod and a smile back going “yes I know EXACTLY what that stage is like!”
    We too have gone through carry an article of clothing around like a security blanket – with both girls, and the wearing of shoes that cause blisters/owiees – but not caring about the pain because these are MY shoes and I will wear them no matter what. Abby finally realizes that when shoes give her blisters it is not a good idea to keep wearing them. We are still working on that with Kate!
    Glad Adali is back to herself and out and about again!

    (PS – your tweet – is that a Christmas sweater or a traveling sweater – I am not sure I have ever seen anything like it before – it was um, unique to say the least!)

  2. well, they ARE cute shoes!

    I don’t remember exactly what Luke came out of his room wearing – things that didn’t match, as with boys the results of “I can dress myself” aren’t as potentially disastrous as with girls – but after several days of it and not wanting to deal anymore, I actually got online and bought a little pin for his shirt that says “I dressed myself today!” Honestly, he never wore the pin, but to me, it signaled that I was at least telling people I was NOT responsible for his red tee, non-matching red shorts, and flip flops.

  3. Jamie says:

    Sara, it was indeed a Christmas sweater that I snapped yesterday at Wal-Mart (Aka The Mothership). It had Santa and holly on the front but I figured taking a picture of the front would be a wee bit obvious!

    Glad the girls thought Adali was divine!


  4. I used to wear my black patent mary janes to sleep. I grew out of it. There is hope for Adali ;)

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