tuesday, october 27

on saturday mornings, jastin volunteers to get up with adali so i can sleep in a bit.  he feeds her breakfast, plays dollies with her and makes sure she is dressed for the day.  i always take great delight in seeing what crazy outfit he has picked out for her that day.  i can kind of equate it to when he wraps gifts he gives to me.  he may use the christmas wrapping paper for my birthday or cover it in way too much tape, but it gets the job done and always makes me giggle on the inside.  

so, once they have had their father-daughter togetherness it is time to wake mama up.  every week at precisely 9 i hear a faint knock on the door by little baby hands.  then, adali busts through the door and does a little twirl for me to show the ensemble daddy has put together that day.  it's like our own little fashion show if you will.  last saturday it was the "i want her to look like a little boy" look with the light blue surfing t-shirt with her new dark blue denim jeans.  i loved it.  

she then climbs in bed with me and demands that her pbs shows be turned on.  this past saturday i grabbed my computer to check on a few things when she quickly noticed that the "puter" was open and demanded to see "babies."  which means she wants me to open up the blog so she can see pictures of herself and squeal with delight (yep, pig was right there to learn more "adali lessons").  

 Twist tie-3

   after hanging in bed for a few minutes i noticed that adali's pants were not only too long for her but also huge around the waist.  i also realized that jastin had taken care of it for her…

 Twist tie-2

yes, that's a twist tie through her belt loops holding her pants up.  sigh…giggle.  and that, my friends, is why babies have fathers….and why i love saturday mornings. 

much love,

mama a

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  1. Sara T says:

    HA!! Classic! Jason refuses to dress the girls anymore – he said that I have made fun of his chosen outfits one to many times for his liking (what a cry baby!)

    That is great that Jastin gives you a break on saturday mornings!

  2. aw, I love daddies having traditions with their kids!

    and that twist tie is SO funny!! adali is probably going to have lots of cute belts :)

  3. Sarah says:

    Good for you and your “me” time…. we all need that from time to time, don’t we?

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