Tgiving collage

happy thanksgiving everyone!   i miss you daddy! love and fairy dust, miss adali grace 


monday, november 23      …that is what adali would repeat over and over and over again when we visited the georgia aquarium this past weekend during our weekend getaway to atlanta.  oh, and in case you are wondering "baloop, baloop" is the sound that a fish makes, of course.   jastin was presenting at [ Continue Reading ... ]


sunday, november 22 i like my night night kisses from mama and daddy!   love and fairy dust, miss adali grace 


unfortunately, the "a" gang will not be together for thanksgiving this year.  jastin is on call and adali and i are heading to illinois to spend some time with my family. so, based on that and the fact that we have so much to be thankful for this year, we decided to have our own [ Continue Reading ... ]


 tuesday, november 17  wee little babies and their wee little hands born too soon, forced to fight like mad it doesn't make sense, but what can we do we can fight like hell.  we can unite for you    i blogged about it last november and i will do so every november until there is [ Continue Reading ... ]

Dirty feet

monday, november 16 so, i made it nearly a week without getting any hate mail reminders for not posting for awhile, but alas they started to roll in over the weekend.  we have been here…just not necessarily here per say.  i decided that instead of telling everyone about the length of my ever growing to-do list [ Continue Reading ... ]