monday, november 23


…that is what adali would repeat over and over and over again when we visited the georgia aquarium this past weekend during our weekend getaway to atlanta.  oh, and in case you are wondering "baloop, baloop" is the sound that a fish makes, of course.  

jastin was presenting at a conference that happened to be at the aquarium so we were lucky enough to get backstage passes of sorts.




adali loved every single, solitary fish-swimming minute of it.

(i think she might have been flirting in this picture)

and they seemed to love every single minute of her as well.


(i think he may have been flirting in this picture)

yes, it's true…adali loved running around in her little pink kicks as she repeated "baloop, baloop" 5,247 times, but she was also quick to hitch a ride for the best view in town.

Aquarium-62 Aquarium-40    




you can't really see her sippy cup in this picture but she is trying to share some of her milk with the fishies.



we were sad that the beluga whales were not at the aquarium but there were plenty of other fun creatures to keep our attention.

Aquarium-45  Aquarium-55

seriously, i could have sat in front of this window and watched for hours.



 in the 6 weeks i sat by adali's incubator in the nicu and told her all of the things we would do when we busted that joint, i never once mentioned visiting an aquarium.  however, i can say that it was an experience that i am certain none of us will ever forget.  

here's to many more experiences my sweet thang!…baloop, baloop.

mama a

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  1. Janet says:

    goodness the chuck taylors! so cute!!!

  2. sweeney says:

    this place is awesome! reminds me of the aquarium we went to while in Nashville…except bigger! your tank had whales! yeah, ours didn’t…none the less it was still pretty breath taking.

    loving the chucks! addi had a few pairs of those…and conner, well, he’s all boy…you know he’s got some!

    cool aquarium, yo!


  3. Sara T says:

    Love the pictures – looks like a great time and got a kick out of the fish sound!

    So do you get motion sickness? Just wondering if you do – if you had problems being here. The couple times that I have been around a place somewhat like this – no where near as cool – but huge fish tanks – i get motion sickness and have to leave.

  4. Jamie says:


    huh, i guess i never thought about motion sickness. i never felt that way when we were there but can certainly understand how someone could suffer from that at an aquarium. that’s such a bummer that you would have to leave…if you ever go the shed’s in chicago try taking dramamine before you go…i would hate for you to miss out…

  5. Sara T says:

    One more quick question – did you set the camera on something and use the timer or ask a stranger to take a picture of your backsides? :-)

  6. Jamie says:


    jastin’s boss actually took them for us BUT we set the timer in the hotel room to take a picture of us giving night night kisses to adali. she thought that was the funniest thing EVER. trust me i thought twice about putting a picture of my butt in skinny jeans for all the world to see but the pictures were too fun not to.

  7. Sara T says:

    Very cool!! – PUH LEASE your butt in skinny jeans…. what butt?!
    And glad the boss was not invited into your hotel room to take your night night pictures…. might have been a tad awkward! :-) HA!

  8. Mandy says:

    Jamie, these are great pictures! I went to Shedd in Chicago last spring with the girls and couldn’t help but think of even how much more fun it would have been with Nolan! We usually go to the Nascar race in Atlanta in March, I might just have to get directions from you to the aquarium as well if we decide to take Nolan. Looks like fun was had by all!

  9. Sonya says:

    We LOVE this place! I have some of those exact same pictures!! We stayed overnight in Atlanta and visited on our way back from Florida last year. Such a cool aquarium.

  10. JaymeO says:

    Your pictures are amazing (as usual)! And I love your new blog design! I normally just read your posts from my google reader, so I hadn’t seen the new look. Very cute! Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!!!!

  11. This is a nice experience for all of you. I haven’t been in a huge aquarium as that. I’m now looking forward to go to the ocean park near our place.


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