monday, november 16

so, i made it nearly a week without getting any hate mail reminders for not posting for awhile, but alas they started to roll in over the weekend.  we have been here…just not necessarily here per say.  i decided that instead of telling everyone about the length of my ever growing to-do list i needed to tackle it.  plus, i am a strong believer in blog breaks ever now and again…keeps it fresh.  please don't hate…we're back.    

for the most part we have been spending quite a bit of time outside.  after ida reared her ugly head, the clouds parted and the sun came back out making it feel more like may than november.  as a matter of fact, we just came from the park where adali got so dirty, i had to drain her bath water twice.

 Dirty feet

this november is a far cry from last year.  no synagis shots for rsv…no having to stay in the house…no cape of fear choking us.  it feels so good to see adali play with other kids and see them for just that…little kids.  when adali hugged her new friend riley at the park for the 156th time i could laugh instead of worry about what germs riley may have.  they were the cutest little girls together too.  they followed each other around the playground, held hands as they climbed the stairs and went down the slide together…and every single time they decided to hug they would both tumble to the ground.  they were both so little that a fly landing on either one of them would be enough to knock them over so the force of the other one would just make them topple like weebles, but they would just giggle and get right back up and run off.  

so the quick recap of our time away is as follows…warm weather, outside, running, dirty feet, teething, squealing, swinging, falling leaves, first annual antisdels thanksgiving, apple crisp debacle…oh yeah and did i say warm weather? 









seriously, do you see her guns in these pictures?  i'm tellin' you she is so strong!  she hangs on the bars at gymnastics and can pull her chin above the bar all by herself already.  crazy!  

well, adali is still sleeping so back to the to-do list i go.  i have 4 days to knock it all out.  i can dooo it.  

much love,

mama a



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  1. Sara T says:

    Well I am glad you were able to post before I had to send a reminder – because it was on MY list of things to do today! :-)

  2. Sandy says:

    Dirty feet = LOTS OF FUN had by children! It’s always good to see dirty little feet :)

  3. Too cute (I sound like a broken record). I love her little plaid purse. How do you get Adali to keep her headband on? I would love to have Maggie wear one.

  4. Aunt Zinzie says:

    Warm weather no more! Welcome to Illinois, where the sun doesn’t shine and the thermometer barely breaks 60. Can’t wait until Sunday!

  5. love the dirty feet!

    she is just adorable, jamie!

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