friday, november 6


i don't have to remind you that prematurity and everything that goes along with it sucks.  I've already told you that it's hard to get the thought of something happening to your child because they were born prematurely out of your head.  and i have said numerous times that there are many children that suffer much greater effects from it than adali has. but, there are certain days when she does something so fabulous that makes me pause and think "ha, prematurity can kiss my a**!"  

yesterday was one of those days.  miss gracie boo and i were playing chase the horse around the room when she paused, pointed to one side of her play tent and said, "yellow."  then, she turned and pointed to the other side of her tent and said, "blue."  it may seem like the smallest milestone to some parents, but to me, it was as if she had just isolated the gene that causes cancer.  i was so excited that i grabbed her and hugged her so tight and then made her give me a high five.  of course she looked at me like i was completely nuts but who cares…it's a look i'm sure i'll see many more times.  having been reminded more times than you can remember that  she will most likely have developmental delays, that "most likely" becomes reality in your mind.  sure, we may still see delays throughout her childhood and we will confront them as we have everything else in her life, but for now i just want to revel in the fact that adali is, by my account, a genius.

take that prematurity!

much love,

mama a



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