Bloggersunite  tuesday, november 17 

wee little babies and their wee little hands

born too soon, forced to fight like mad

it doesn't make sense, but what can we do

we can fight like hell.  we can unite for you


i blogged about it last november and i will do so every november until there is no longer a need.  this month is prematurity awareness month.  today is when bloggers unite to help spread awareness on the effects of prematurity.  20 million babies are born too soon each year and prematurity  remains the #1 cause of newborn death.  if reading those simple statistics doesn't make you pause with concern, i don't know what will.  

i have committed to fight like hell and luckily, i am not alone.  i asked many of you earlier this year to help me in this fight and because of the overwhelming support from all of you, team adali's angels was one of the top 10 teams in all of missouri!  you totally rock!  each of you are doing something to help save babies lives…doesn't it feel good?  

because adali's angels raised so much money we were given a substantial gift card to macy's.  rather than use it on a sassy new pair of boots for the winter, i decided it would make much more sense to use the gift card to continue the fight.

i remember the day adali weighed enough to begin wearing clothes and i was heartborken as we didn't have a single outfit small enough to fit her.  most mother's plan for the perfect outfit for their baby to come home in and all i wanted was an outfit that didn't drown her and would keep her warm.  one of the nurses saw me tearing up and later that evening brought me a brand new preemie sleeper to put adali in that night.  i was beyond grateful.  trust me…it's the little things when you are in the nicu.

i want to make sure that other mother's don't have to feel the same heartbreak over something so simple as having an outfit to dress their baby in.  while jastin and i are home for the holiday's we will visit macy's and use the gift card to buy as much clothing for preemies as we can.  all of the clothes we are able to purchase will be delivered  to the nicu team at cardinal glennon the week between christmas and new years.  

i have already had several people ask if cardinal glennon accepts gently used preemie clothing and the answer is YES!  if you have any preemie clothing you would like to donate please contact me at jamieantisdel (at) hotmail (dot) com.  we would like to make our donation as worthwhile as possible for the nicu and could use all of the help we can get.  we have been blessed and it is now our turn to give back.  

i want to thank all of you for uniting and fighting like hell for preemies!



oh yeah, and she appreciates you fighting too!

much love,

mama a

ps…yes that little ditty of a poem at the top was my creation…no e. e. cummings but i hope it gets the point across.

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  1. Sandy says:

    That is a GREAT idea, Jamie!

  2. Sara T says:

    Great Post Jamie!

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