wednesday, december 16

i learned a huge lesson the hard way recently.  back in february i decided to become a mac.  up until that point i had always needed to be a pc for work reasons.  when my new computer arrived i wanted to make sure to transfer over all of the pictures from my previous computer so that i would have everything in one place.  that entailed moving everything off of the old computer onto a hard drive and then to the new computer.  after all pictures were on my new computer i then had to reorganize them into iphoto which is what i was going to use for organizational purposes of new photos.  this took awhile but, i finally had all of my pictures organized the way i wanted.  what i hadn't done, until this past weekend, was organize all of adali's videos.  i had videos in various folders scattered all over and didn't really remember where everything was.  what i learned in this process is that i was missing all of the videos taken from shortly after adali's birth until about the 9 month mark.  i didn't really panic knowing that everything from my old computer (when the videos were taken) had been saved to the hard drive.  i did however panic and have a minor breakdown when i learned that the hard drive had been reformatted back in july and that all of those files were no longer saved on it.  "whaaaa?"  "it can't be?"  oh yes…why yes it can, actually.  we have tried several things thus far to retrieve them and of course will continue to try but as it stands now, they are gone (there were about half a dozen i had uploaded to youtube for the blog that have been re-saved to to my computer).  

these videos were some of the most precious moments we had with adali in the first few months of her life.  snapshots taken in case it is all we would ever know of her, but you know what, we have her…which is undoubtedly better than any video.

i share this so that hopefully you don't have to learn the hard way, like i did.  i'm certainly not one to preach the best way to save or backup anything you don't want to lose on your computer.  whether it's online storage, back ups on dvd's or hard drives just do something and know how it works.

on the upside, while organizing all of the videos i came across a few that i didn't remember ever taking that made me shriek with joy.  these were taken less than a year ago which is so hard for me to wrap my brain around.  first of all, she has come so incredibly far in such a short amount of time and second, she seems HUGE.  i think she looks bigger here at 11 months than she does now at 21 months.

much love,

mama a

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  1. Sara T says:

    Good reminder!
    After your facebook post last weekend I got out our old videos (they are on the small tapes) and we watched videos of Abby as a newborn – WOW – seems like an eternity ago!

    We watched about 20 minutes of the Adali show tonight – the videos that were out there – Abby found them on that site – they had fun and I got teary eyed at her birth – 1 year video – wow!

  2. Sara T says:

    Regarding your tweets – I did the SAME thing while wrapping gifts – stuck after sitting in the same spot for over an hour. It was painful to stretch out and get back up – now I can no longer roll my eyes at my mother when she complains of the same thing.

    and #2 – the tampon game — i think of it more as a rite of passage. That is one of my girls favorite drawers to clean out and then pick back up – i think jason almost vomitted the first time he found them playing with the tampons….. i had to explain that when they are still in the box/wrapper they are just cotton and plastic! :-)

  3. Jamie says:


    yeah i’m sure jastin might be horrified that i posted that pic but if it keeps her entertained without hurting her (like playing with knives would) then i am all for it. adali loves to “help” me get ready every morning by dumping out everything underneath the sink. always a good time.

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