monday, december 7

mama has been busy so i thought i'd steal her computer and recap our thanksgiving adventures or you may never hear about them.  so here are a few bits and pieces (15 but who's counting) from our remaining adventures in atlanta and our time in illinois.

** mama already told you about our time at the aquarium in atlanta but the weather was also nice enough for us to play outside in centennial park.  

 Atlanta collage

** one of my favorite things about the hotel (besides the toilet paper roll being low enough for me to reach) was the tall buildings all around us.


** i was so excited to get to illinois and see nana and papa that i asked 1742 times while on the plane "where nana, papa?" until the lady across the aisle got so annoyed that she said "i'm right here sweety."  i'm no dummy.  she was not my nana.  i repaid her for her antics by throwing my pony at her.  bet she doesn't try that again.

** why did mama make me wipe my hands off every time i touched something in the airport?  can you say annoying!  

** i got to sleep with my very own christmas tree in. my. room at nana and papa's!  i told mama she better get me one of those for my room back in georgia or else i will stop sleeping through the night….just sayin'.

** i watched the macy's thanksgiving day parade but missed abby cadabby cause i was sleeping.  boooowhooo.  

** i have a new friend.  her name is bella.  i promised lexi that she would still be my favorite dog but that i was just going to play with bella while i was there.  mission accomplished.    

 Bella collage    

** i got to go to my very first basketball game and watch my uncle charlie coach.  he won.  i think i'm his lucky charm or whatever you call it.

** i got to spend lots of time with my papa and even helped him put up his christmas decorations.  it was cold.  ps…santa is cool and all but frosty is my favorite.

 Papa collage

** my aunt zindsey taught me what candy is…thanks aunt zindsey.  can't wait to see you in a few weeks; wink, wink.


** 10 days is a long time to be away from my daddy.  mama thought it was cute when i would ask "where dadda go?  where is he?"   i'm not going anywhere without him next time even if i do have to sneak him in my suitcase.

**  i finally got to meet katie and abby.  i like katie…she taught me a thing or two about how to get what i wanted.

 Sara collage

** nana has lots of fun things that go boom and crash if you drop them (or throw them).  i was good until the day before we left when i made 2 things (one she had just bought the day before.  oops.) go boom.  i figure that's not bad considering the number of things i could have made go boom.  your welcome nana.

** i always make sure i have my sunglasses on when i travel now…ya know, in case the paps are waiting for me when i arrive.  

** and last but not least, a bit of advice.  when you are traveling, always remember to lock up your valuables.

 Safe collage

peace out,

adali grace

ps…mama you owe me for pickin' up your slack!  can you say candy…jackpot.

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  1. Sara T says:

    Well Adali – take it from me – don’t pick up ANY of Katie’s bad habits!! :-)

    Is that a pony tail i see in some of the pics???

  2. Sarah says:

    Well said Adali!!

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