monday, december 14


so saturday night was jastin's departmental christmas party.  the one that i found out about a week ago when i suggested we rsvp to our neighborhood party since we had nothing else going on.  his response to my suggestion, "we can't that's the night of our department's christmas party."  uhhhhh, ok, and you were going to tell me this when?  yeah we talked about it…i told you.  uhhhhh, no you didn't but whatever it's not that big of a deal.  i then proceeded to ask the usual questions…what time was it, where was it, what is the attire and probably the most important question of who was going to watch adali, since, in the 6 months we have been here we haven't found someone to watch her.  he said that she was coming with us.  he explained that other kids were going to be there and that it wouldn't be a big deal.  i didn't question it because jastin' boss has a little girl just a few months older than adali and figured by jastin's answer that alexandra would be there to play with adali.  

i should have known that everything i had been told thus far was a load of bologna fed to me when i overheard jastin asking one of the residents what he was wearing 2 hours before the party.  on our way into the neighborhood i specifically asked jastin, "now are you sure that there will be other children here?"  "yes, i asked melanie (one of the other fellows) and she said that she brought their son last year to the party."  my response, "he was an infant then!"  he assured me that it would be just fine and that he rsvp'd that she would be coming along with us.  i could feel the downhill slide of the evening already beginning and we weren't even to the location yet.  if anything i was excited for adali and alexandra to play together and when i told jastin of my excitement he informed me that his boss was out of town and they would not be attending the party…can you feel the strength building as this all continues to slide downhill?!?!  

so, we arrive safely at the house and rushed to take shelter on the porch since it was raining.  as soon as we reached the top stairs the door opened and we were ushered in.  this is the moment i would have loved for someone to snap a picture of the look on my face.  the house was pristine white with marble floors and more breakables than the christmas section at bloomingdales.  my eyes scanned the guests for anything shorter than 4 feet…nothing.  my eyes then met jastin's and he knew that i was less than pleased.  after cordial hello's adali lunged out of my arms and immediately ran over to the christmas tree, flinging her hands across the ornaments as if they were chimes meant to make music.  then it was on to the fireplace, then to the table with half a dozen lit candles.  oh lord help me.  she would allow you to hold her for a few short minutes before she would wiggle her way out of your arms, weave her way through conversing people like a buzzing remote control car taking them by such surprise that sticky intoxicants would be dripped onto her baldish little head with each person she startled.  everyone commented on how cute she was and i'm certain that as soon as we walked away each one of them was asking what on earth she was doing there.  i knew it was time to call it a night when she dropped a pool ball straight onto the marble floor.  if she didn't have everyone's attention before then, she certainly did at that moment.

we managed to make it a few hours, met some very lovely people and wore adali out enough that she slept in until 9:30 this morning.  small successes in an otherwise downward spiral of events.  oh, and as you can imagine, i learned some very valuable lessons as well.  

and now i can't get the image out of my head of jastin's next boss pinning a note to his tie to make sure that important information makes it home with him.

much love,

mama a                


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  1. sweeney says:

    that’s a great pic guys! and what an eventful night :) happy you all (espeically jastin…) made out of there alive and unscathed.


  2. Oh, Jamie, boy do I KNOW this! The conversation Sabian “thought” we had, the details he “worked out.” This sounds all too familiar. You did get a great photo!

  3. sigh. men.

    but your picture is SO cute! and this will be one of those “georgia memories” in years to come!

    cracking up at the picture in my head of jastin coming home from work with a note pinned to his tie!

  4. erin geary says:

    I know it’s not funny, but I cannot stop giggling hysterically at this! This sounds exactly like something another husband I know might do… Y’all look great though!

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