saturday, december 5

teething bites…literally!  

 Teething collage

adali is in the process of popping 4 teeth at the very same time!  i knew by her clinginess that she was most likely teething but finally caught a glimpse of her gums yesterday and noticed all 4 had indeed snuck through.  she is, for the most part, tolerating it well but all she wants to do is put anything and everything in her mouth and chomp.  last night, mr. hippo had the honors and i'm sure loved his back massage courtesy of adali's incisors.  

these are 4 of the final 8 teeth she needed and i'm sure we will both be ready for a little break before her 2 year molars make their appearance.

much love,

mama a

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  1. Sara T says:

    LOVE her expression in the 2nd picture!!

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