tuesday, december 8

 Dear santa

dear santa, 

i hear that you had to go digital this year and get an email address because the post office won't send my letters to the north pole anymore.  no big deal…probably would have had to take out a second mortgage on my doll house for the postage anyway.  plus, i'm getting pretty good with my laptop so i should be able to whip this out in no time.  but before i give you my list i have a few questions for you.  

first, mama told me that the reindeer can fly because they eat magical oats.  where do you buy these so-called magical oats?  i would like to invite abby cadabby over and want to be able to fly around with her.  these oats could be my ticket into fairy school with her.  second, that must be one bright nose rudolph has to guide your way to all the houses so what batteries do you use for it anyway?  I need to tell mama to get some of those for my toys so she doesn't have to change them so often.  also, how will you get in my house since we don't have a chimney this year?  mama said that she asked you the same thing when she was a little girl and that you just told her that you like to keep some things a secret.  well, santa, let's be honest, nobody keeps a secret these days…just ask tiger woods.  come on…you can tell me.  i promise i won't tell mama.  plus, how do you know if i've been naughty or nice?  if you ask my mom she may tell you this exaggerated story about how i unrolled all the toilet paper one day and tore it into tiny pieces but it wasn't me, i swear!  it was my daddy.  so, you better just ask me if i've been good…you are more likely to get the answer you are looking for.  and lastly, what cookies do you want me to leave for you on christmas eve?  mama and i will make sure to leave you a few extra to make sure you have enough energy to get to all of the little boys and girls.

and now for my list.  i would like:

a play kitchen.

some pot and pans for my kitchen.

some food to cook in my kitchen.

some books.  i love books, santa.

some puzzles.

and a new baby doll.

but, most of all santa, i want you to help me and mama and daddy make sure that no more babies are born too early like i was.  so, on your way around the world can you stop by the march of dimes and work your magic with them!  i figure if you can make reindeer fly you can do this one little favor for us.  

thanks big guy!  give mrs. claus my love.

love and fairy dust (or magical oats)

adali grace  


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  1. adali -

    just in case santa doesn’t email you right away: i didn’t have a chimney at my house growing up, either, and my mom and dad told me that santa had a special magical key that he used! so that might be the secret you’re looking for…

    also, at our house, the oats are made magical by the addition of glitter! it’s sprinkled on our front lawn for the reindeer to eat on christmas eve, and it helps them fly!

    - nicole

  2. Aunt Zinzey says:

    I also heard that reindeer like candy to fly!

  3. Dana says:

    Adorable post. Very cute.

  4. Jess says:

    Adali, we had to get a Santa’s magical key to let Santa in our door.

    link to piperclassics.com

    We leave this key outside our door and only Santa has the magic to use it. It worked last year because all the gifts showed up on Christmas!

  5. Kristin says:

    Momma A: Have the special Christmas (eve) pajamas been purchased this year? I vote for pjs with snowmans (per the crush on Frosty). This year we went with snowflakes, can’t wait to unwrap on Christmas eve. Merry Christmas! I do hope Adali gets everything on her Christmas list.

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